Friday, April 30, 2021

Breaking Fake News Alert: More Lawfare: Justice Department Ramps Up War on Mayor Giuliani, as Political Revenge for His Having Defended President Trump, and in Order to Intimidate Other Patriots

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News Alert: Justice Department Ramps Up Giuliani Probe

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News Alert

Justice Department ramps up Giuliani probe
The FBI's search of Rudy Giuliani's office this week signals that federal law enforcement is significantly ramping up its investigation into former President Trump's ally and one-time legal adviser.

Little is known about the scope of the investigation, but reporting suggests that the focus could be on Giuliani's work on behalf of foreign clients, including Ukraine, and his failure to register as a foreign agent while serving as the president's personal attorney.
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Anonymous said...

Democrats play dirty trying to destroy political opponents, whereas Republicans, when in power, let the Democrat crooks skate. Trump was too darned nice. We must hope that with his SECOND COMING Trump will no longer be a nice guy. He must stop listening to liberals like Javanka, stop appointing swamp critters, and this time, lock up the crooks. There are millions or pissed off people in this country--put some of them in the DOJ and put ALL the big shot Democrat crooks in the slammer. And yes, something drastic needs to be done to the FBI, CIA, NIH, CDC, FDA, etc.