Tuesday, April 27, 2021

1 Killed in NW Houston Drive-By Shooting that Left Car Riddled with Bullets

By A Texas Reader
Mon, Apr 26, 2021 9:26 am

1 Killed in Northwest Houston Drive-By Shooting that Left Car Riddled with Bullets

ATR: How does a young, negro male afford a late model Corvette?

There is a shortage of the latest model Corvette, due to supply chain interruptions brought about by COVID.

New Corvettes sell well above list price. 

Oh, and the perp was driving an Escalade.   


Anonymous said...

Work at KFC for a couple weeks until you get canned--plenty of dough to buy a Corvette.


Anonymous said...

Growing up in Maryland in the 50's people talked about blacks living in tar paper shacks--with a big Cadillac parked out front and a big TV antenna. Guess black priorities haven't changed.

Anonymous said...

Feuding drug dealers. Wide white walls on the Escalade?

Anonymous said...


(CNN) -- An attorney for Amber Guyger, the White former Dallas police officer convicted of killing of black neighbor Botham Jean in his apartment, asked a Texas appeals court Tuesday to acquit her of murder or find her guilty of a lesser charge.

Guyger testified at her 2019 trial that after working long hours on September 6, 2018, she returned to her Dallas apartment complex. In uniform but off duty, she approached what she thought was her apartment. She noticed the door was partially open, saw a man inside who she believed to be an intruder and fired her service weapon, killing him.

She was actually at the apartment directly above hers -- where Jean, a 26-year-old PricewaterhouseCoopers accountant, lived. Prosecutors said Jean had been on the couch in his shorts, watching TV and eating vanilla ice cream when Guyger walked in and fatally shot him.

In October 2019, a jury found Guyger guilty of murdering Jean and sentenced her to 10 years in prison.

Guyger's defense claims there was insufficient evidence to convict her of murder. The defense has asked the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Dallas to either acquit Guyger of that charge or make a finding of criminally negligent homicide -- which carries a punishment of six months to two years -- and hold a new hearing on the punishment.

Jean's mother, Allison, told CNN she was confident the appeals court would uphold the murder conviction.

"Amber Guyger needs to sit where she is in prison and accept responsibility for what she did to my son."

Guyger's lawyer, Michael Mowla, argued before the three-judge appeals court that Guyger's mistaken belief she was in her own apartment negates "evil intent" to kill. A conviction of criminally negligent homicide, he argued, would be more appropriate.

"Mr. Mowla, you're overlooking the fact that Miss Guyger testified that she intentionally shot Mr Jean," Chief Justice Robert D. Burns III told the attorney. Burns at one point suggested that Guyger's conviction was in fact supported by the legal precedent raised by the defense.

"I'm not overlooking the fact, your honor. I agree," Mowla responded during the Zoom hearing. "She did intentionally shoot Mr. Jean because that was her intent. That was the truth. Those were the facts of the case. If she had walked into her apartment, and there was an intruder inside her apartment .... she would have been entitled to use deadly force in self-defense."

The state, represented by Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Douglas Gladden, argued that mistaken belief and mistake of fact is not a justifiable defense.

The testimony at the trial revealed Guyger had had a sexual relationship with her partner on the force and texted him before and after the shooting, including two texts sent while she was reporting the shooting to a 911 dispatcher.

Her lawyers have said she was tired after working long hours and wasn't paying attention to the many cues that prosecutors said should have tipped Guyger off that she was on the wrong floor, in the wrong apartment.

Guyger is serving her 10-year sentence at the Mountain View prison in Gatesville. She is eligible for parole on September 29, 2024.

Guyger did not appear at the virtual hearing. The court said it would issue its opinion at a later date.

GRA:Probably in 2024 or later.