Monday, April 26, 2021

David Horowitz's Commentary on the Chauvin "verdict"

By An Old Friend
Sun, Apr 25, 2021 10:17 p.m.

David Horowitz's Commentary on the Chauvin "verdict"

AOF: I used those quotation marks because of the obvious absurdity of the result.  The only surprise for me below is Horowitz's characterization of Chauvin the person.

The Verdict

Judge and executioner.
Wed Apr 21, 2021 

No one in his right mind could have been surprised by the verdict in the Minneapolis trial of Officer Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd. For 11 straight months cities have been burned, people have been murdered and billions of dollars of property damage have been caused by a national lynch mob determined to be its own judge, jury and executioner.
Headed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and supported by every so-called "Civil Rights" organization, the Democrat Party and its malignant leadership – Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer, this lynch mob has been on the attack against law enforcement a decade and more. Their threat, No "Justice" No Peace, is a threat that more cities will be attacked, more people will die – perhaps even Chauvin case jurors - if the verdicts they want aren't delivered. This is a criminal movement with a criminal mission: to substitute its own vigilante justice for America's justice.
On the eve of the Chauvin trial, the City of Minneapolis gave a $27 million settlement to the family of George Floyd - a career criminal and dangerous drug addict. The alleged crime was the wrongful death of Floyd. The settlement was made in advance of the evidence and of the trial. It was a blatant effort to put the authorities and taxpayers of Minneapolis in the camp of the lynch mob – telling the jury that the only justice lay in absolving Floyd of any complicity in his own death and the mayhem that followed.
Nonetheless, anxious that anything might be left to chance, Democrat congressional leader, Maxine Waters, demanded a first-degree murder conviction, days before the verdict. The Farrakhanite Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, hadn't even charged Chauvin with First Degree murder, because it was preposterous. But Maxine was not content with letting justice take its course. The Alzheimer President couldn't contain himself, either. According to his opinion – as though he had watched and weighed the hundreds of hours of testimony, the evidence of Chauvin's guilt was "overwhelming." Really.
As soon as the formality of the trial was concluded, the verdict demanded by the lynch mob was delivered with lightning speed: Guilty on all charges – murder and manslaughter, even though the murder charge didn't make any legal sense, unless you think arresting a drug-addled forged check passer, [counterfeiter] and illegal substance ingester is a felony in itself. Second-degree murder involves a killing in the course of committing a felony, and nothing else.

The speed of the decision was itself evidence that the jury hadn't deliberated or even considered any of the evidence presented in the trial, as to what actually caused Floyd's death, whether Chauvin acted in accordance with the standard procedures of the Minneapolis Police Department, and therefore whether there was any malice or inhumane disregard for Floyd's life involved in Chauvin's actions.
Derek Chauvin is not a nice man. He is callous, egocentric, and has a record of excessive use of force complaints. In my view, the Democrats in charge of the Minneapolis police force should have fired him long ago. [Pandering!] But that doesn't mean he murdered George Floyd. Our system of justice depends on judging each case on its merits.
Anyone watching the actual testimony of witnesses and experts would know that the issues in the case were complex, technical and contested. It would have taken days if not weeks for an open-minded jury to determine whether Chauvin was guilty or not. No one respectful of all the attention put on this case by experts and witnesses on both sides, would consider that the three contradictory charges could be lumped together. Only people frightened of disappointing the lynch mob could make that mistake. But the jury was uninterested in the evidence.
Did Chauvin murder Floyd? Murder requires intention. If you believe, like President Biden, that Chauvin murdered Floyd, then you have to believe that an officer of the law, in possession of his faculties, would choose to murder an individual while dozens of cameras – many of them hostile - filmed the event. No one in his or her right mind actually believes this, but virtually everybody and every commentator immediately went on record saying they had no problem with the verdict. Dissenters seemed only to have problems with the lynch mob behavior, as though that didn't corrupt the whole process, verdict included.
The hope they all expressed was that this corrupt verdict would bring social peace. Justice be damned.
It won't. For the black lives matter and antifa fascists [sic] the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution. The lynch mob doesn't give a damn about George Floyd or black lives. They haven't got the slightest interest in the justice or injustice of any case, this one included. Their attitude is: How can we use this case to advance our real agenda which is overthrowing the American political and economic system and instituting a totalitarian state?
They already have another Minneapolis pretext and will burn cities on the backs of those involved. Daunte Wright is a violent criminal who got himself killed while resisting arrest. Why did he resist arrest? Because he had jumped a $100,000 bail for a vicious armed robbery. His victim was a woman friend whom he had grabbed by the throat, put a gun to her head and stuck his hand down her bra to snatch her cash.
antifa gangsters are already on the march chanting "You can't stop the revolution."
In fact, we won't be able to stop these destroyers until we recognize that they regard us – [White] America – as the criminals. They have no respect for us and our laws and institutions. They hate us. They are busy spreading the Hate-America-Lies of our enemies Communist China, Islamo-fascist Iran, and Putin. And they mean business. Their goal is the destruction of America. They will succeed unless we start taking them seriously and work to expose and crush them.


Anonymous said...

Exactly.I've said it in different words,but the fact remains-whichever way or manner you wish to opine it:White America and its laws are under attack--and we need to organize and fight back--against first,the media and quickly after,the communists.This means putting blacks back in their 13 % place and closing the border to Mex illegals(and legals as well).


Anonymous said...

And they are succeeding too. Big time. Right now the bad guys are like sharks smelling blood in the water. A slight more push they think and the whole mess [USA] will topple over. They may be right.