Tuesday, April 27, 2021

How Do Whites Fight Back?

[Re: “‘Yes, This is War.’ When Blacks Say It, Maybe Whites Should Take Them Seriously?”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, April 26, 2021 at 9:08:00 P.M. EDT

How do you fight a war when the media won’t report one has been declared? How can Whites fight back when social media bans us from expressing an opinion? How can Whites organize rallies without liberal mayors sigging local law enforcement on us—but not blm’ers?

That’s for starters.



N.S.: Whites could not possibly fight back using social media, since their every move would be surveilled by the FBI and other police agencies. Ditto for holding rallies.

I offered some ideas back in 2012.

Whites cannot use any social media or electronic communications, since those would also be eavesdropped on, and used to infiltrate them.

Whites would have to go no-tech for communications, but high-tech for weapons. They would have to form small, autonomous cells, which would be composed of people who have known each other for many years, and who would only communicate face to face.



Anonymous said...

If there is a civil war--it seems likely that is will not be just a race war, but warfare against the statists who would steal freedom and an entire way of life--besides enabling anti-white crimefare. And those who say that an AR-15 is no match for military weapons are not being practical. True, with the woke scum rising to the top, top military leaders are no longer American patriots, but agents of the oppressive statists. However, it is ridiculous to imagine armies of patriots marching against a modern army armed with everything including helicopter gunships. If there is a revolt I suspect it will be a clandestine fight--death squads taking out significant leaders on each side. But this is a game that two can play. And the patriot side has an advantage--the politicians, corporatists, judges, and three-letter agency heads are known to everyone. Their opposition can remain unknown. We had better hope that voter fraud can be fixed and that freedom can be restored at the ballot box--the alternative is too horrible to contemplate--it has already been shown in numerous foreign countries.

Anonymous said...

In otherwords,there's no fighting back--except through outright Civil War.It would have to be brought on by some event that whips up Whites--such as the Floyd incident caused riots last year(to some extent)though I think it's pretty obvious,if it wasn't Floyd,the Dems had riots planned last year no matter what.Floyd/Chauvin was just the excuse.

Anonymous said...

And for each small autonomous cell created a second autonomous cell created that is in reserve and never active unless the active cell wiped out.

Infiltrate now all law enforcement with cold storage agents and sworn officers to be activated when necessary only.

Some cells active for a period, then just disappear and remain dormant.