Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Texas Officials are Granting George Floyd Posthumous Free Crimes!

By A Texas Reader
Tue, Apr 27, 2021 9:04 a.m.

Posthumous pardon for George Floyd's 2004 drug charge gets support from Harris County DA. Gerald Goines is the officer who arrested Floyd, but investigators later learned Goines had lied about evidence and informants in hundreds of other drug cases.

ATR: Gerald Goines is a negro cop.  

Or was a cop.

Still a negro.

A 16-year-old drug case involving George Floyd was among the hundreds of cases connected to ex-Houston police Officer Gerald Goines that are being reviewed by prosecutors, according to Harris ...

After spending Thanksgiving in federal lock-up, the former Houston police officer behind a January drug raid that left two homeowners dead was ordered released on Wednesday from federal custody ...

Why won't millions of morons march for former officer Gerald Goines?

HOUSTON — Prosecutors reviewing cases tied to former Houston Police Officer Gerald Goines anticipate at least 91 more drug convictions will soon be overturned, Harris County District Attorney ...


Anonymous said...

Lol,really?We're supposed to believe these negro perps were NOT GUILTY?Release the nigs from prison with any excuse now--the public will tolerate and/or ignore it--or even applaud such generous decision-making in favor of blacks.Bravo!

Typical comments would be similar to this,I think.

"dirty cops planted sheeet on my man.He already had drugs on him,but they planted more.Now they gonna let that nigga out"
--dirty black ho.

"Don't let that nigga out,I gots me a NEW man--with a real job.He's my pimp daddy."
--same dirty black ho

"They're letting so many nigs out of prison--for any reason--I'm thinking of committing a felony,just so I can go where they're NOT!

"You racist POS cracka.I seen you on NSU,you can't get away fromm us THAT easy.Now that I told you off,I can smoke me some crack."
--big,black and stoned negress

"How dare that Whitey try to outsmart us--maybe we'll show him--and not leave prison--HA!
--HI IQ blak.

--G R A

Anonymous said...

He sort of looks like the new blackie neighbor I was writing about.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The usual suspects in Mississippi tear up a diner in a chair throwing, fist flying free for all that shows no concern for the small children around them:
Police don't know what started the brawl. Does it matter? Do they need a reason? How about innate violent natures?
In any case, the comments are great and I'm posting one from someone named penny.dreadful. This kind of thing is usually GRA's bailiwick but pretty funny, maybe he can come up with a few more verses?:

To the tune of "Stout-Hearted Men"

♬ Give me some gals
Who are hell-raising gals
Who will shake up and break up a meal
Gals who don't care,
Who make missiles of chairs
Who will scream and emit primal squeals ♬

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Mass shooting in Gresham, suburb of Portland:

And it was a "vigil" to "honor" a shooting victim, who was a drug dealing scumbag who got shot before he could shoot somebody else.

Shooters name says it all: Omar Cibiran Gongora

174th & Stark is very close to my parents house, members of the family drive by there all the time. These kind of shootings are getting more and more common as the globalist diversification agenda gets ramped up by Biden/Harris. With the influx of African Muslims on my parents street I wonder how many future jihadists are living close to them.