Friday, April 30, 2021

Ways of White Genocide

  [Re: “Kristopher Kime, James Paroline, and Edward Scott McMichael: Three Race Murders in Seattle.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Friday, April 30, 2021 at 8:19:00 P.M. EDT

There are two ways that genocidal murder can happen to Whites. One, is unofficially—through the daily situations of life and fate itself, in a “diverse” society—a broken-down car; an Internet date; jogging in a sparsely populated area; being related to a person who knows or is married to a black (i.e.: Rodrick Dantzler, who wiped out his entire White in-law family in Grand Rapids 10 years ago, this July); working at a business where blacks are also employed; a bar where blacks unexpectedly show up; a party that blacks crash—as in Mount Pleasant last week; a White postman delivering in a black neighborhood; an elderly White couple sitting at home, until black intruders break in to torture, rob, rape and kill them.

Add playing a tuba on the street, trying to enjoy yourself at an outdoor party, or watering the lawn on a street island. The common factor in every one of these recorded, but not honestly reported events is, of course, blacks intervening, attacking, assaulting and killing Whites, as if it were the reflex action of the leg after being tapped on the shin.

The worst part is the acceptance of black-on-White murder by media, combined with the covering up of it for the most disgusting parley of racist hate you can conjure up—short of editorializing for open genocide on Whites (coming soon).

The media is supposed to tell the truth—and mostly, they don’t. Why do we allow those that don’t to exist?


N.S.: Other methods include:

Pervasive racial discrimination in hiring, such that Whites can’t support themselves, let alone children;

Picking Whites’ pockets with oppressive taxation, to pay for blacks and Hispanics to have as many free kids as they like, such that Whites who have jobs can only afford one or two kids, and must neglect them because they have to both work full-time;

Inculcating young girls with feminism, in order to turn as many as possible against having children; and

Rabidly promoting racial amalgamation between Whites and blacks.


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Anonymous said...

"Rodrick Dantzler, who wiped out his entire White in-law family in Grand Rapids 10 years ago"

Hardly a single occurrence. Blacks are just so hateful, want revenge for the slightest and most minor trivial perceived disrespect, etc. So extreme in the use of their violence too.