Monday, April 26, 2021

Fake news service, the associated press, is Mad as H—k that black Chadwick Boseman Lost Out on Best Actor Oscar to a Talented White Man, Anthony Hopkins; Look for More Aggressive, Illegal, Racial Purging of Whites from the Academy

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, April 26, 2021 at 11:45:00 A.M. EDT

My laugh of the day is ap bellyaching that Anthony Hopkins beat out Boseman for an Oscar.

“They even changed the order of presentations so best actor could be awarded last—for proper effect [and canonization] of Boseman,” ap whined and moped.

Something happened on the way to sainthood—an 80+ Whitey won the award--absolutely stunning nowadays.

Why Hollywood didn’t go for the PC obvious choice of Boseman can presumably be explained in three words: “Too much blackie.”

Maybe even Hollywood decided enough was enough of the black tsunami, a mindset which assumed the voters would rubberstamp every black nominee, because it was expected and demanded by blacks.

This time, it didn’t happen.

And as the old commercial used to say—that was priceless.


N.S.: When will White men being illegally purged by the Academy finally sue?


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Anonymous said...

Not enough blacks. Too many blacks. Not too many, and not too few, but just right.