Thursday, April 08, 2021

What the Hell is an Andrea Peyser—and Why is She Writing about Jeopardy?

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 3:25:00 A.M. EDT

I saw this column as an aside story and “ignorance, thy name is Peyser.” She gets paid to write this drivel?


On his first night guest-hosting Jeopardy!, Aaron Rodgers, the dark-horse candidate to replace the late, great Alex Trebek, took home another Super Bowl in my book. He’s that good.

I never saw it coming. But the Green Bay Packers quarterback, 37, has got it all, and then some. He’s funny, self-effacing, whip smart and ridiculously handsome, with a sense of comedic timing that should be the envy of every seasoned television professional out there.

And, unlike Dr. Mehmet Oz and Katie Couric, both of whom, while serving as guest hosts, accepted answers not made in the form of questions — violating a kind of quiz show prime directive — Rodgers made no glaring mistakes. He also has never tweeted a nasty comment about the disabled (candidate Ken Jennings), blasted tens of millions of Donald Trump supporters (Couric) or drawn fire and a petition demanding his removal from the show signed by hundreds of fans and former contestants who accused him of spreading “dangerous’’ pseudoscience (Dr. Oz).

GRA: Aaron Rodgers is not perfect, I’m sure, “pathetic Peyser”—and your judgement is worse than pathetic—and by bringing up personal garbage about each of the celebrity hosts, you attempt to unleash pseudo-wokism—which has nothing to do with qualifications for the job. In fact, the more I see the various auditions roll by, it only reinforces my early opinion that just about any (White) person could take over and that Trebek was only beloved because of his familiarity/longevity.

In short—ANYONE can do the Jeopardy job. Just like Drew Carey didn’t miss a beat after Bob Barker became too old to host anymore on The Price is Right,we find again that on game shows, EVERYONE IS REPLACEABLE—and with a little talent, can make the audience forget about previous hosts like Trebek and Barker.

Regis Philbin's stint on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? was followed by Meredith Viera (successfully) and by Cedric the Entertainer (unsuccessfully), the latter, probably the worst choice for a game show host in history—so my assertion only appears to apply to White emcees.

As far as Jeopardy goes, I have Jennings easily #1, Couric, number two, Rodgers is third best, Dr.Oz, fourth and producer/woke nutjob Mike Richards was insufferable—and last.

As I've said months ago-anyone but a black or Mex—and the show can survive (except with Richards).




Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Yeah, just about anybody can do the job but only a few are quick enough to be genuinely witty in the little spaces game shows allow. Pat Sajak is one of those and I will definitely miss him when he's gone (assuming I outlive his tenure as host that is). Alex wasn't witty in that way but brought an urbane measured demeanor that appealed to people smart enough to play the game reasonably well. But Jeopardy isn't supposed to be "funny" anyways, it's supposed to be a test of quick thinking and depth of knowledge. I agree with GR's rankings of guest hosts though I might drop Rodgers a notch, not that he's bad, he's just a little awkward and can be clumsy with dialogue. Overall, I do like Jennings the most for a new host, despite his politics. For a whip smart guy, his attempts at political humor and attacks on Trump were unbelievably juvenile and unfunny. Just shows that being smart doesn't necessarily mean you don't have blind spots when it comes to the real world. However, I'm pretty sure I don't agree with any of the politics of the guest hosts, it's not like they asked Trump to guest host. So, Jennings would still be my choice but from what I've read he doesn't want it.
Thing that surprises me is that they haven't had a black guest host and that they haven't been criticized for it yet. That is if anybody has, it hasn't been picked up by mainstream media. Something tells me that's still coming at some point.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Never thought I'd agree with "Dream'on" about anything but I'm on his side with this one:
Rapino thinks the problem is "investment", if sports would just put more into promoting women's sports, then they could get paid as much as the men. No Megan, women's sports just aren't as exciting as men's, reality is, men are bigger, faster and stronger. The male sports move at a faster pace and is more physical, it's a more exciting product and no amount of "investment" can change that fact. Well, that is unless we go with the LGBTQ agenda of allowing men who think they are women, compete with women. THEN the size of women players will increase, the speed of the game will get faster and maybe you'll have a product that is comparable to men's sports. Unfortunately for you Megan, even though you're a lesbian, you're still a bio woman and won't be able to physically compete in that league.

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon,little kids will want to form professional leagues--instead of "Little League"(playing for the fun of it).Someone will sue and demand kids get paid as much as adults.Don't laugh,the world has gone absolutely insane.