Thursday, April 08, 2021

Day Eight of the Officer Derek Chauvin Show Trial

By Nicholas Stix

An Old Friend reminded me that attorney Andrew Branca has been blogging daily on the case at the invaluable legal blog, Legal Insurrection. (LI belongs to Cornell law professor, William Jacobson, who is one of the good guys.)

Branca is a specialist in the Law of Self-Defense, which he has practiced for 30 years.

This case is reminiscent of the George Zimmerman show trial, in which the defense team of Mark O’Mara and Don West kept converting prosecution witnesses into defense witnesses. However, that does not mean that Officer Chauvin will be acquitted, as George Zimmerman was. The “Thirteenth Juror” plays a bigger role here, because black Nazis have already burned down Minneapolis (even though they likely will again, no matter how this jury finds), and in the intervening eight years since the Zimmerman show trial, the black juror nullification movement has gained considerable strength, both in hanging juries in trials of guilty-as-hell black killers, and in railroading innocent Whites.

[Regarding the defense having to do its own search of Floyd’s car, months after his death, where they found narcotics pills the state crime scene investigators had missed.]

In The List, about the so-called Atlanta child murders, Chet Dettlinger (a racial liberal, but this was over 30 years ago) said that a pre-affirmative action police department would come up with twice as much evidence from a crime scene than an affirmative action PD.



Anonymous said...

Experts claim the prosecution is going badly. As it was with Zimmerman and Treyvons in FLA. Almost as if it is intended to be that way. The prosecution probably didn't have a case to begin with. And then way overcharged when they did charge.

Anonymous said...

The pro-Floyd media weighed the two themes that took place today,with Drs. Martin Tobin and Bill Smock at the center of the discussion.One of the themes was Smock declaring that drugs had no effect on Floyd and contributed nary a nudge to his death(hard to believe--whether St.George had a tolerance or not).This even as Floyd was downing extra opioid pills upon the appearance of police.

Tobin,in HIS mind,smarter than everyone else in medicine,declared Floyd died from lack of oxygen--caused by Chauvin's knee on the neck.Originally,the autopsy listed edema in the lungs(water)as, a major factor--which is not caused by "knee on neck" action--it's caused by chemical reactions that impair the heart function that pumps out excess water from legs and the lungs.

They declared Floyd did not die of a heart attack--but the mention of edema makes me think more of heart failure--edema a fatal factor for that disease.

Vinnie Politan made a big deal about these two "experts" but defense attorney Eric Sanders stuck to the fact that knee on neck--by itself,if it's to be blamed for cutting off bloodflow--should have killed Floyd within ten seconds.This,as we all know lasted 9+ minutes.

I watched the trial-- on and off today.


Anonymous said...

Eric NELSON,of course.