Saturday, April 03, 2021

Did a Minneapolis PD Lieutenant Perjure Himself, in Order to Railroad Officer Derek Chauvin?

[N.S.: That’s a bald-faced lie.]

“If your knee is on someone’s neck, that could kill them,” he said.

Frank then asked how much a threat a suspect would be once handcuffed.

N.S.: That only became department policy AFTER the death of George Floyd.]

“The threat level goes down all the way,” the lieutenant said. “They are cuffed; how can they hurt you? ... You getting injured is way down,” apart from possibly getting kicked, he continued.

Once the cuffs are on a suspect, “that person is yours,” said Zimmerman, who joined the department 36 years ago. “He is your responsibility. His safety is your responsibility. His well-being is your responsibility.

[N.S.: Tell that to the widows and children of cops who were murdered by perps who had already been handcuffed.]

GRA: A very damaging bit of testimony, imho.




Anonymous said...

That's a great point about handcuffs not stopping shootings of cops--and even officers in court.I remember one incident in the last few years,where a prisoner--in cuffs--got an officer's revolver and killed him.It seemed like more carnage ensued,but I don't recall the outcome.

But my view was,Chauvin officially got thrown under the bus by Zimmerman and the jury will probably give that a lot of weight--as if they were receiving official permission to convict Chauvin--from MPD.


Anonymous said...

Correct. Knee on neck was taught to the cops and approved and signed-off on as policy.