Saturday, May 05, 2012

Bob Strait Died Yesterday: He Survived Parachuting into Battle on D-Day, but Couldn’t Survive Black Supremacy in the Nation He Defended, and which in

Turn Waged War on Him

Tulsa murder victims Bob and Nancy Strait

By David in TN

Bob Strait, 90, who was critically injured in the March 13 home invasion in which his wife Nancy was raped and murdered, has died of his wounds.

Tyrone Dale David Woodfork, 20, has been charged with attacking the Straits

Tyrone Woodfork is the only suspect arrested in the case. Tulsa police said the body of Bob Strait has been transferred to the medical examiner, who will determine if additional charges will be filed against Woodfork.

This man is a suspect still at large in the Strait double murder

This is a third suspect still at large in the Strait double murder. Unfortunately, this image is worthless.

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“Tulsa Racist Home Invasion-Rape-Murder-Hate Crime: Two More Suspects Sought in Strait Case”;

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“RangerUp Makes a Plea on Behalf of American Hero, Bob Strait (Racist Atrocity in Tulsa).”]

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Anonymous said...

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for May 11, next Friday.

David In TN