Friday, June 17, 2011

Pearcy Massacre Trial: Day 3

by David in TN

June 16, 2011, 11:52 p.m.

In Day 3 of the Pearcy Massacre trial, Chantel Henry, Conway’s cousin, testified against him, telling the court that Conway admitted to him in a conversation to killing Jeremy Gentry, three of his family and his girlfriend.

A Hot Springs airport surveillance camera caught Samuel Conway’s car, his brother Detric’s girlfriend’s car, and Jeremy Gentry’s grandfather’s truck making several trips back and forth on the night of the murder.

Prosecutors say they were transporting the stolen property to another location. Gentry’s truck was found later abandoned and on fire, soon after the house fire was discovered.

The defense and closings are expected Friday, followed by jury deliberations.

The THV reporter apparently doesn’t know that circumstantial evidence is the best kind. For example, why do Conway’s relatives have the victims’ property?

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Anonymous said...

The jury was originally 8 women, 4 men. One of the men was removed on Thursday, no reason given. The jury now has 9 women, 3 men. I have seen no report on the racial breakdown.

To my knowledge, only THV, a small Pearcy paper, and Arkansas Online are reporting on the trial. All are vague.

I once read somewhere that a crime reporter on the New York Times is very low on the totem pole. This seems to be the case in Arkansas.

David In TN