Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Reader Responds to My Article on the Homosexualization of the Armed Forces

[This came in back on January 3, but got lost during one of my pc’s constant freeze-ups or blue screens of death. I just found it among “available files” in MS Word, while searching for stuff lost during the newest blue screen tonight. I have no idea if the writer’s eddress, good_wife@gmx.com , is real.

“Has the Republicans’ Capitulation on Homosexualization of the Military Guaranteed the Democrats’ Victory in 2012?”]

Re: Re your article about the GOP and its giving in on DADT

In a message dated 1/3/2011 3:42:19 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, good_wife@gmx.com writes:
Sparky -

There was a whole lot of butthurt in that -- you fanatical douchebag

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Anonymous said...

I agree.

(with the emailer)

Good of you to post their email address, as well, I can't imagine why you would do that.

/rolls eyes