Monday, June 27, 2011

Forty Raceless Philly Teenagers Organized “Flash Mob” Ransacking of Upper Darby, PA, Sears Store via Social Media, Took El Train to Target

Upper Darby, PA Sears robbery mob. Ignore all racially identifying characteristics. (Oops, I just remembered--race doesn't exist!)

Robbery mob suspected leader Kyree Marsh, 19. (Readers are instructed to ignore subject's skin color, which is irrelevant.)

Suspected flash mob rips off Upper Darby Sears (With Video)
Sunday, June 26, 2011

Times Correspondent

UPPER DARBY — A mob of about 40 people stormed into the Sears department store on 69th Street Thursday, and in a flash stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, officials said.

Police were able to round up 15 juveniles and one adult, 19, all from West Philadelphia.

“They came in on the El train and hit Sears,” police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. “They stole sneakers, socks, watches, whatever they could get their hands on, and left.

“Imagine the guts of this gang of young hoodlums. One was 11 years old. The others arrested ranged from 12 to 16 years old. They planned this out earlier in the day on a social networking site. It was pre-planned. They got on the El, got off at 69th Street Terminal and walked up the hill to Sears.”

Kyree Marsh, 19, of the 5500 block of Spruce Street, Philadelphia, was arrested and charged with retail theft, conspiracy to retail theft and corruption of minors.

Police recovered some of the stolen sneakers and socks that were in the backpack of one of the individuals arrested and in the pockets of others taken into custody.

According to the affidavit, the Sears loss-prevention officer saw the mob enter the store at 7:09 p.m. on Thursday.

The group then began taking merchandise off the shelves.

“He watched the group enter the store together from the 69th Street entrance,” Chitwood said. “It was fast. They ran out, leaving empty shoeboxes and store tags behind. Fortunately, no customers or store employees got hurt.

“Due to the quick response by police, we were able to grab them up. They were heading back to the El train.”

According to Chitwood, the juveniles received citations for retail theft and will answer charges before the county’s juvenile justice system.

“The parents should be held accountable,” Chitwood said. “And where were the parents of the 11- and 12-year-olds when their children were riding into 69th street with a mob of teenagers? If I could, I would charge the parents. Certainly, this is unacceptable behavior. It was intentionally planned earlier in the day to gather and go to Upper Darby to rob and pillage. There has got to be consequences, and I don’t mean a slap on the wrist. The county has got to send a strong message. This was a (pack) attack and will not be tolerated.”

“Border Security wrote on Jun 26, 2011 7:43 PM:

" I've been saying this for years now but our elected officals refuse to help: PLEASE SECURE OUR MUNICIPAL BORDERS! This is the kind of Philly-style non-sense we need to keep out.

1. Turn the El back at 63 Street.
2. Build a fence down Cobbs Creek
3. Build a second layer down Lansdowne Ave

I'd be willing to have a tax increase to pay for the border fences. "

President Alpha wrote on Jun 27, 2011 3:56 AM:
" A few thoughts:

1. "black men" are not going to step up and deal with this. Those who are still connected to 'the hood' are powerless to effect change.
2. The basic problem in a nutshell is a lack of authority. No punishing authority in the home, and none in society. The worst misdeeds result in coddling - unless the criminal is small or weak, in which case they are likely to be raped in prison while the violent strut around like kings - which in prison, they are.
3. A secondary problem is testosterone. Black males have more than any other race. Testosterone plays a part in uninhibited violence.
4. This phenomenon of groups of young blacks literally stomping and kicking people who are _already helpless_ is virtually unique to blacks, at least in modern times and in modern America.
5. White liberals and sane people alike avoid groups of young blacks, whenever possible. Unless you're part of their world, what can be gained by rubbing shoulders with anonymous young blacks in any urban setting?
6. Guns will not solve this problem, unfortunately. These incidents are happening in leftist redoubts, where only criminals have guns. Literally: If you have a gun, unless you're part of the ruling elite, you are a CRIMINAL in most of the left's urban mental wards (cities). So if a citizen shoots one of these fine fellows in 'self-defense' they are ALREADY criminal, whatever happens to the scum they shoot at. This isn't happening where citizens have the right to defend themselves.
7. The incidence of these events is increasing. It will come to violence one time too many, and the system will vomit out a reaction that will undoubtedly be wrong. But something breaks soon, this can't go on forever.

Some possible solutions:

1. Sperm banks mean that castration no longer means you can't have kids. Make the sentences for any violent crime so draconian that the castration and ankle bracelet alternative sounds good.
2. Turn prisons into work camps where convicts literally break rocks all day. We should not have private prisons operating businesses, but prisoners should be too tired and too well monitored to be raping one another. They are in our care, it says a lot about us that prison rape is the main deterrent to crime.
3. Peoples' attitudes about dependency and parenting won't change until we see some starving women and children begging in the streets - that has to be a possible alternative or we'll get decades more of the same behavior.
4. Banning welfare and relying on private charity would eliminate most of these problems. A faceless bureaucratic system fosters dependency, then self-justification, then entitlement, then hatred of the hand that feeds.
5. Radical decentralization of power away from DC and its one size approach to everything is the most likely path to finding a way to deal with millions of unskilled, angry youth. "

Courtesy of the invaluable crime blogger, Nivius Vir, and to GCrowdy.


Anonymous said...

There was another flash mob attack in Philadelphia Saturday night. A writer for The Onion named Emily Guendelsberger had her leg snapped and broken. Her boyfriend was sucker-punched and then kicked while on the ground.

A commenter to one of the articles said it was FAR worse than reports saying it was around 50 perps. He said there were around 350. This commenter said they were all black and the people atacked were always white.

David In TN

Nicholas said...

Thanks, David. I just read the story, but was unaware of the mass of the attacks. I did note, however, incredulously, that the Philly PD maintains that it has no videotape of the mob. Can you spell c-o-v-e-r-u-p?