Sunday, June 05, 2011

Pearcy Massacre Alert: A Reader Writes on Developments in a Delayed Trial

By Nicholas Stix
Last revised at 4:16 a.m., on Sunday, June 5, 2011

For over a month now, my readers and researchers alike have been peppering me with letters asking what is going on with Pearcy Massacre defendant Samuel Lee Conway. Conway was supposed to have a one-day court hearing on the case on April 25, and his trial proper from April 26-28, but there had been no news stories, local, regional, or national, mentioning him. (See my first VDARE investigative report, “Never Heard of the Pearcy Massacre? One Guess Why Not!”)

Conway has so far been charged with six murders: Of the Gentry family of Edward Earl Sr., 80; Edward Earl Jr., 56; Pam, 52; Jeremy, 24; and of Jeremy’s girlfriend, Kristen Warneke, 19, in the November 12, 2009, massacre in Pearcy, Arkansas; and over 10 months after being charged in the massacre, with the 2005 murder of Mary Anderson, 50, in Hot Springs.

As I reported on February 23, 2011, in my second VDARE investigative report on the case, “‘Don’t Raise Your Voice at Me!’ [Click!] ‘Read a Law Book!’ [Click!]—A Pearcy Massacre Update,” Conway’s lawyer, Pat Aydelott, has been playing the “crazy card,” in order to get his client off for all six known murders, and any more in whose commission Conway should eventually be implicated.

If you’re charged with murdering someone you didn’t kill, you simply plead, “not guilty.” Playing the crazy card—“not guilty by reason of insanity” or “diminished capacity”—entails an admission that you committed the deed. Thus, counting the Anderson killing, Conway is admitting, through his lawyer, to being both a serial killer and a mass murderer.

And if Aydelott succeeds at getting Conway a get-out-of-jail-free card, that does not mean that Conway will be retiring from killing people. That’s yet another reason, in addition to the mass murder, racial murder, corpse desecration, and serial killing angles, why the local, regional, and national media should be jumping all over this story.

I told my readers I’d look into matters, but never got around to it. One local reader got tired of waiting on me, and made independent inquiries, writing just this morning:

Mr. Stix,

I found out through … that both Mr. Conway and the other person [Jeremy Pickney] are scheduled for trial beginning June 14th in Hot Springs, Arkansas. All information pertaining to this case is locked up in the judge's office with nobody able to see or read anything.

I plan on being there for the court date but I have a feeling the defendant's attorney will ask for a change of venue.

I will keep you informed.


I thank my reader! I have the world’s greatest readers!


Anonymous said...

To the Reader,

Thanks for the update! I hope you can provide us an account of the proceedings.

David In TN

NiviusVir said...

This case is indelibly planted within my mind. It was about as heinous as you can get.

The court certainly should determine that these three owe society their wretched lives, that way we can be done with it and sleep a little better knowing this is less likely to happen to another innocent family.

I realize even common people have become callous in society, but if they would truly analyze the nature of such a crime, they'd remember why we used to shudder at something so macabre. Genuine malevolence exists incarnate; if one might not believe me, just ask the remaining members of this poor family.

Anonymous said...

On Friday June 17th, after three hours of jury deliberations, Sam Conway was found Guilty on all counts. He was sentenced on Saturday, June 18th with 7 life sentences plus 90 years. Let us see what happens to Pickney next month! Plus let us not forget Sam has another trial for the Mary Anderson case, in which I believe they are seeking the death penalty.