Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cong. Anthony Weiner Finally Submits to Dem Party Orders to Resign, Will Hold Presser Today at 2 P.M.


By Nicholas Stix

Besieged New York Cong. Anthony Weiner is quitting his office. After scandal upon scandal broke involving lewd photographs of himself (not shown here) that he had sent to strange women, some of them quite young, via Twitter, and resisting over a week of extreme pressure that Democratic Party leaders exerted, first through journalistic proxies charging him with “misogyny” and “racism,” and ultimately, through direct calls on him to resign, Weiner is set to announce his resignation at a 2 p.m. press conference.

Had he remained in office, Weiner would have endangered Democratic candidates nationwide in 2012, especially the John Doe calling himself “Barack (Hussein) Obama,” as Republican candidates could have used Weiner’s picture as the face of the Democratic Party.

Cong. Weiner is thus the newest member of the Barack Obama Thrown-Under-the-Bus Club.

CBS News has more on this breaking story.

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