Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Pearcy Massacre: The Death Penalty Has been Unofficially Retired in Garland County, AR, at Least Where Black Mass/Serial Murderers are Concerned

By David in TN

“Never Heard of the Pearcy Massacre? One Guess Why Not!”;

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Death penalty not sought in Pearcy slaying of five [paid registration required]

Garland County prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against Samuel Conway, one of two Hot Springs men charged with capital murder in the November 2009 slaying of five people in Pearcy.

Presumably, the "crazy card" has already worked.

Jury Selection Begins for Conway

Jury selection for the trial of Samuel Lee Conway began today. Conway and Jeremy Pickney are charged with the murder of an entire family and the son’s girlfriend in Pearcy, Arkansas in 2009. Conway's trial began on Tuesday.

Investigators say they murdered Edward Gentry Jr., his wife Pam Gentry, their son Jeremy Gentry and his girlfriend Kristyn Warneke, and then set their home on fire.

The two also are charged with killing Edward Gentry Sr. in a nearby mobile home. A third suspect, Marvin Stringer, was shot and killed by police.

Pickney's trial was also scheduled to begin Tuesday but has been postponed. No explanation was given.

N.S.: Just because a black man who has confessed to mass and serial murder won’t get the death penalty, does not mean that the county prosecutor won’t seek the ultimate sanction against some white desperado for, say, the heinous crime of spitting on the sidewalk.

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Anonymous said...

The Little Rock TV stations are "covering" the trial. How do you "cover" something without giving the important details?

One report did say jury selection has been completed and the trial is supposed to last the rest of the week. The only description of the crime I've seen so far is "a botched robbery."

So it was just a little mistake? One that results in five people dead?

We always see this vagueness in this kind of case.

David In TN