Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pearcy Massacre Trial Verdict: Reactions

By David in TN

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Here is a report by THV with video. It has the “two families equally shattered” angle.

Note Conway’s sister. With a defiant tone, she says something like “my brother is innocent and I don’t understand this jury’s verdict.”

The alleged reporter quotes unnamed lawyers who predict Pickney will take a plea deal as a result of the guilty verdict against Conway.

N.S.: I shudder to think what such a plea deal might entail. After all, if being a mass/serial murderer of six people only gets you life until parole, what does a plea deal for a mere five murders of white people get you: Time served and community service?

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Anonymous said...

We still haven't seen an explanation as to why this was not a death penalty case. What Aggravating Factor did this mass murder NOT have? Is the death penalty being sought against Jeremy Pickney? If not, what incentive does Pickney have to take a plea?

David In TN

American Cowboy said...

The explanation is White people don't count. We are expendable. It's not fashionable to defend crackers over lack of opportunity savages. It's a great game to play when you live far away from the scum of the earth.