Saturday, June 25, 2011

Near Fatal, Columbia, SC, 8-on-1, Black-on-White Attack Not a Hate Crime

By David in TN

The South Carolina beating hasn't received any national coverage to my knowledge, but the leading paper in South Carolina, The State, has done several stories. This is the latest.

The Columbia Police Chief, Randy Scott, has made the standard statement to the press that police chiefs make in cases like this. Scott said it was “too early to declare the incident gang-related.” [As if anyone cares whether it’s “gang-related.” Besides, legally eight-on-one is automatically a gang assault, based on the numbers alone.]

Scott said “he cannot call it a hate crime because investigators have not gathered evidence that shows the teens singled out Carter Strange because he is white.”

Surprise, surprise. Do you think the “investigators” are going to look very hard?

Carter Strange’s mother is quoted in the story as saying her son is expected to make a full recovery. His testimony would seem to be crucial. How will the authorities evaluate it?

* * *

N.S.: But will he even be able to give helpful testimony? 1. It was midnight in a parking lot, he was hit in the head from behind, knocked down, and immediately stomped in the head; and 2. Victims of massive head trauma wounds often lose all memory of the attack or incident.


Garrison P said...

If I understand the hate crimes legislation correctly, then it seems to be that the law is the problem. It cannot be a hate crime regardless of what a black does to a white, because the law is designed to protect minorities against hate crimes. Whites are second-class citizens in regards to protection. It was the fools under the Clinton administration who were willing to extend this level of extra protection to minorities, without providing equal protection under the law to whites, who are culpable. But unless the law changes, then blacks cannot be guilty of hate crimes, and a judge following the law cannot sentence them for a hate crime. What needs to change is for the law to extend equal protection to all; yes, productive, law-abiding, non-violent whites also need protection from violent hatemongers, particularly when the majority of the hate violence goes in that direction.

Anonymous said...

We need more police presnce in 5-points. I am not talking about the police car sitting in the Exxon parking lot. We need police officers WALKING AROUND in the 5-points area. The violence won't stop until then. What's a white man to do? Protect himself. Buy a gun. Carry a can of mace. Don't just sit there, DO SOMETHING!!!