Thursday, June 30, 2011

“Indian Parents Push For Surgical Procedure To Turn Children From Girls To Boys”

By Nicholas Stix

Is this Hindustan Times story, “Docs turn baby girls into boys,” for real, or is it “disinformation”? If it’s for real, it’s not. That’s because you cannot turn girl into a boy, anymore than you can turn a boy into a girl.

All that you can do is disfigure a child, and make him—in this case, her—crazy.

If the story is not made up, I can only imagine that these parents have much more money than sense, and have fallen for the sexual fairy tales of American media propaganda. Note, too, that (assuming the story wasn’t made up) wealthy Hindu Indians in India, who are obsessed with having boy children at any price, can engage in sophistry as fancy-sounding as any you’ll come across from American college professors.

I suppose there’s a certain poetic justice for those with extreme cases of shadenfreude, in that insane homosexuals have served the madness of insanely conservative Hindus. What makes this poetic injustice is that rather than the insane American homosexuals suffering, it is innocent Indian children 10,000 miles away who are being harmed.

The silver lining, if there is one, is that unlike the irreversible butchering of a boy in the vain hope of turning him into a girl, the equally vain attempt to turn a girl into a boy may be surgically reversible, though the madness caused by the girl’s parents’ vanity will in some cases not be curable.

Thanks to Criostoir O'Domhnallain and Disinformation.

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Anonymous said...

China, India and other asian countries are utilizing ultrasound technology to abort female fetuses. The two most populous countries in the world have always have skewed gender ratios due to female infanticide but modern technology has even further skewed the ratios. You're talking at least half the world's population creating a gender imbalance of immense proportions. Most media reports on this seriously downplay the situation, nature already produces more boys that girls at birth, men die younger so you end up with more women in older groups but the imbalance in the young reproductive age group is becoming staggering in it's numbers. These young men are going to be looking for wives, many with the new wealth of these countries will be coming to america looking for wives. Should we let them? Maybe entry to this country should be denied to any single males from countries that practice female infanticide. Somehow I don't think the PC fanatics would ever stand for it.
Also, many immigrants to this country utilitze ultrasound and abortion rights to abort female babies.