Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Pearcy Massacre Trial Begins in Garland County, AR, for Samuel Lee Conway: Defender Pat Aydelott Leaves “Crazy Card” at Home,

Instead Plays “Innocent-Bystander-Armed-Robber” Card
By Nicholas Stix



That “Crazy Card” Aydelott always has a new trick up his sleeve. When his admission in the Mary Anderson case, via playing the “crazy card,” that his client is a mass murderer and serial killer, failed to win the hand, he came up with an equally inventive way to wear down the criminal law, by arguing that since no one can prove that Conway pulled the trigger, he’s just an innocent ‘ol bystander at a robbery, guilty at most of aggravated armed robbery.

When I was a kid, back in the Dark Ages, we were taught in-for-a-dime, in-for-a-dollar jurisprudence: If you participated in a crime in which a victim ended up dead, you were guilty of murder, same as the shooter (or whatever), whether or not you pulled the trigger (e.g., the getaway driver in a bank robbery). According to the law, thus, Pat Aydelott’s defense in the instant case is yet another implicit confession that his client, Samuel Lee Conway, is a mass murderer and serial killer.

Different states have different names for the same concept. In New York, it’s called “acting in concert” and, though it’s still on the books, amid “diversity’s” ongoing downward redefinition of the criminal law, it’s been disappeared, sort of like the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. In Tennessee, whose criminal statutes regarding murder I have become somewhat familiar with in recent years, the concept is called, “criminal responsibility,” and as the Knoxville Horror’s George Thomas will tell you, it has not been completely retired.

I don’t know why the statutes on armed robbery (aggravated and otherwise) and murder even apply anymore, at least to blacks. Doesn’t Garland County Prosecuting Attorney Steve Oliver even know that those laws have a disparate impact on blacks, and thus are invalid? Maybe that’s why PA Oliver took the death penalty off the table.

Hey, that argument is no crazier than anything else that is being said and done in the name of diversity.

And some whites are adopting the same habits of mind, though things don’t seem to work the same for them. Thus, on a city bus today, I heard a young white guy, about 22, who sounded like the whites on The Jerry Springer Show and Maury Povich, speaking to a young black guy. White says he just got out of the city jail at Rikers Island. Black laughs: “Me, too!”

White guy complains that “all of my aunts and uncles are crackheads and heroin junkies,” that he considers a black woman “my mother,” because she and her family more or less took him in, and “she braided my hair,” and “they never called me ‘white boy.’” Meanwhile, other whites—presumably in jail, where he’s spent virtually his entire life since the age of 13—would call him “wigger” and “race traitor.” “That’s why I don’t like white people.”

Presumably, his experience with the black family was prior to his first substantial incarceration, at 13, for killing someone. He told of how he spent five years in a juvenile facility for “manslaughter.” It wasn’t murder, or anything like that, because he “didn’t intend on killin’ no one.” He’s no killer.

I thank my reader-researcher-legman, David in TN.

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Anonymous said...

The video reported that the victims' families were in the courtroom. They have been unable to say anything because of the gag order.

David In TN