Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Carter Strange Beating Update, On NBC Today Show

By David in TN

Here is the most detailed story on the Carter Strange beating. Strange has gone home. He told a reporter he remembers nothing about the attack (as you predicted), “Pretty much all I remember is the guys finding me,” Strange said.

Note the quotes from 5th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Dan Johnson. They seem like a parody but are not.

An NBC crew is supposed to interview the Strange family Tuesday morning for the Today show.


Anonymous said...

If this was 8 WHITE KIDS BEATING UP A BLACK KID IT WOULD BE A HATE CRIME!!!!! I'm sick of the 2 Americas one set of rules for BLACKS and one for whites. This is a racially motivated HATE CRIME!!!!! Matt Lauer is a ass wipe too for even asking if it was some very good kids that made a mistake. These kids should be put in jail for a very long time!

Anonymous said...

Typical double standard from the media and the country. This would have been the lead story everywhere if this was a white on black crime. And it would be a hate crime as well. Where is Sharpton? Where is Jackson? What is wrong with people in this country.