Friday, June 17, 2011

“Revenge” is the Motive

By David in TN

June 16, 2011, 11:33:49 A.M.

This morning’s news story gave the evidence of Conway’s involvement. The suspects’ girl friends and relatives testified about the stolen property of the victims being brought to their residences.

The killers stole everything that wasn’t nailed down while brutally murdering five people and all the prosecution can talk about is “revenge.”

N.S.: The crazy thing is, this was supposedly Conway’s rationalization of mass murder to his girlfriend, back in 2009.

First of all, what does mass murder have to do with recovering some “stolen” items?
Second, what are the odds of Jeremy Gentry ripping off Samuel Lee Conway and his associates? Gentry was a skinny young white guy who is not known to have been a part of any criminal gang or organization. Conway was already a known career criminal and cut-throat who ran with a gang of relatives and friends. The notion that Gentry would have “ripped off” Conway & Co. flunks the first law of lying: Plausibility. How would Gentry have pulled it off, against a gang of armed gunmen? My hunch is that Conway is projecting, and that he and his accomplices robbed and murdered the Gentries, and then invented this projection-artist story, in order to rationalize what they had done.

Yes, even psychopaths like to rationalize their actions. Recall that O.J. Simpson used the same rationalization when he committed kidnapping and armed robbery, in order to seize back sports memorabilia that he had already sold. Perhaps Conway had stolen the rims and TVs to Gentry, and now decided, O.J.-style, to recover "his" property.

Almost two years after the murders, we should have more than enough information to preclude such speculations, but the Garland County judges have everything and everyone under gag order ... possibly forever.

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