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Seattle: Baby-Faced “Tuba Man” Killer, Billy Chambers, Strikes Again


Baby-Faced Billy Chambers, One of the Three Racist, Black, 15-Year-Old Psychopaths Who Murdered Seattle’s Ed "Tuba Man" McMichael in 2008, Allegedly Tried to Murder a Woman Who Had Charged Him with Trying to Break into Her Car and to Suborn Perjury, but was Only Charged with “Second-Degree Assault and Hit and Run.”
By Nicholas Stix, with research assistance by BR

Billy Chambers, accused by a woman of burglarizing her car, retaliates by forcing her car off the road. Police report that when they came to arrest Chambers, he was on the telephone, trying to suborn perjury from someone he wanted to take the rap for him in the attempted murder.

My man in Seattle, BR, who sent along this story, the original Tuba Man murder story, and countless other reports on Seattle’s steady decline into a diversitopia writes,

Like the Energizer Bunny, Chamber's crime career just keeps on going, and going, and going. I think the reason why such a small percentage of blacks is responsible for so much crime is that they know they can just keep getting away with it—nothing serious ever seems to happen to them.

Billy Chambers and two crime partners punched and stomped Ed "Tuba Man" McMichael in front of multiple black witnesses on October 25, 2008, at a bus stop, where McMichael was waiting for a bus. McMichael died eight or nine days later of his wounds. They stomped him to death, the way racist blacks stomp thousands of whites every year, though a goodly portion of the white victims—e.g., “Central Park Jogger” Trisha Meili, Jena 6 victim Justin Barker, Columbia, S.C. victim Carter Strange—survive, no thanks to their attackers, with horrific injuries.

Since Chambers & Co. murdered McMichael while robbing him, they were guilty of first-degree felony murder. Although King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg said he wanted to prosecute the three killers as adults for murder, because all of the black witnesses to the crime refused to give statements identifying the killers, he said he was forced to prosecute them as juveniles under the mere charge of first-degree manslaughter. Chambers spent only 18 months in juvenile facility, a sentence which covered not only the felony murder of “Tuba Man,” but a second robbery Chambers had committed that night. Thus, Ed McMichael’s life wasn’t even worth 18 months of his killers’ precious time.

(It is not clear if the witnesses were themselves criminals, but they should have been prosecuted. When someone witnesses a crime, but refuses to provide any information, I would think that would make him an accessory after the fact. The out to that is to perjure oneself, by stating on the witness stand that one no longer remembers what one previously claimed to see, or that one’s earlier witness statement was wrong or coerced. But one could, and should, still prosecute such individuals for perjury.

Oops, I just remembered that the Washington Supreme Court ruled as recently as 20 days ago that blacks not only have the right to perjure themselves in order to aid and abet black murderers, but that it will throw out the conviction of any black murderer, and destroy the career of any white prosecutor who so much as mentions blacks’ “don’t snitch” rule of helping black criminals in a court of law, even in the face of racist black intransigence in the courtroom.)

By the time the watered-down charges of “second-degree assault and hit and run” are plea-bargained down, Chambers could end up convicted of something like “harassment” and sentenced to time served. Given PA Dan Satterberg’s history with Chambers and other racist black killers, and Satterberg’s undercharging of Chambers in this case, I have little faith that he will do the right thing by Chambers’ recent victim.

Note, too, that the Washington State Supreme Court has in recent years been
waging war on behalf of black murderers (see here and here).

In case my readers are wondering why even the leftwing Seattle MSM, in spite of their loyalty to racist black psychopaths, have repeatedly revealed that Chambers is one of McMichael’s killers, even though Chambers was prosecuted as a juvenile, that is because he has made a point of bragging about the killing to anyone who’ll listen, and racist blacks apparently have yet to reach “critical mass” in all Seattle newsrooms.

For the stories of the racially-motivated murders, by blacks, of white Seattleites Kristopher Kime, James Paroline, and Ed McMichael, see my American Renaissance report, “Three Race Murders in Seattle.”

* * *

'Tuba Man' killer now accused of ramming woman's car
By Jennifer Sullivan
June 28, 2011 at 3:48 p.m.

Billy Chambers, one of three juveniles convicted of the 2008 slaying of Seattle street musician Ed "Tuba Man" McMichael, is back behind bars, this time for allegedly deliberately ramming a woman's car.

Chambers, now 18, was arrested by Seattle police last week after a woman said that he intentionally struck her car. Chambers was charged in King County Superior Court Tuesday with second-degree assault and hit and run.

Prosecutors allege Chambers struck the woman's car and ran her off the road because she had filed a police report against him after an earlier car prowl.

Chambers is accused of rear-ending the woman's car while it was stopped for a traffic light at the intersection of 23rd Avenue South and South Jackson Street around 3:45 p.m. on Thursday. The woman told police that as she tried to drive away the same car followed in the next lane and swerved toward the passenger side of her car, causing her to leave the roadway and strike a tree, according to charging paperwork.

The woman was not hurt.

She told officers that she recognized the driver of the mid-1990s Ford Crown Victoria that hit her, according to charging papers. She said that she had reported him to police about a week earlier after he allegedly broke into her car, according to charging paperwork.

Police located the Crown Victoria parked outside Chambers' home and were allowed inside. Officers said they overheard Chambers on the phone saying "will you please tell them you did it," charges allege. When Chambers was arrested he told police that he had been sleeping all day and that someone else had been using his car.

In her request to have Chambers held in lieu of $250,000 bail, King County Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Amy Montgomery wrote that the "State has grave concerns for the safety of the community" in reference to Chambers.

"The defendant was angry at the victim for filing a police report against him," Montgomery wrote. "While it is fortunate that no occupants of the car or pedestrians were injured, it does not lessen the risk that the defendant's violent actions could harm someone."

Montgomery said that Chambers has a lengthy criminal history, including convictions as an adult for first- and third-degree theft. And juvenile convictions for first-degree manslaughter, second-degree robbery and possession of stolen property, Montgomery wrote.

Chambers has pending King County District Court cases stemming from incidents on June 8, June 21 and 22, when he was caught either driving without a license or operating a vehicle without insurance, Montgomery wrote.

Chambers, who was 15 when he and two other boys were prosecuted in McMichael's slaying, spent about 18 months at Maple Lane School in Centralia in connection with McMichael's death and another robbery on the same night in October 2008.

The sentences for Chambers and the two other youths who fatally beat McMichaels outraged many in the community. Because no witnesses came forward, King County

Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said his office was forced to charge the three teens as juveniles instead of seeking to have them charged as adults.

For 20 years, McMichael, 53, was a fixture at Mariners, Sonics and Seahawks' games and around the Seattle Center -- trading his talent for spare change.

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