Saturday, June 04, 2011

Cops: In Baton Rouge, Theodis Guillory Beat, Shot, and Set on Fire Another (Raceless) Man, Who is Clinging to Life


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Man gets beaten, shot and set on fire, still alive
Posted: Jun 03, 2011 12:41 PM EDT Updated: Jun 03, 2011 12:56 PM EDT
By Joshua Auzenne, Web Staff

A man was arrested for allegedly beating a man, shooting him and then setting him on fire early Friday morning.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, Theodis Guillory, 28, faces charges of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated arson.

Detectives did not release the victim's name but identified him as a 51-year-old man.

The incident happened in the 1500 block of North 37th Street around 12:25 a.m.

Investigators reported Guillory beat the man with a board, shot him once in the chest, poured gasoline on him and set him on fire.

They said the man ran to a neighbor's house. The neighbor put out the fire and called for help.

The victim was taken to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Police said they haven't determined what caused the man to be attacked.

They are still investigating.


“They haven't determined what caused the man to be attacked”? Unless the victim raped and murdered the attacker’s daughter, or something of a similar magnitude, the answer is, “Nothing.”

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