Sunday, June 26, 2011

Judge Sought to Protect Integrity of Knoxville Horror Trials

By David in TN

In a surprising speech from the bench on Thursday, Special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood said he was protecting the integrity of the four trials in the Christian-Newsom torture-murder case.
Judge Blackwood said he was not protecting his former colleague, Judge Richard Baumgartner, by sealing the records of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s probe into the former judge’s illegal use of prescription drugs. Blackwood on Thursday unsealed the records.

Attorneys for the four defendants in the Knoxville Horror trials have until August to review the TBI file, and decide whether they intend to use it to challenge the convictions.

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Anonymous said...

The authorities play word games to prevent calling black on white crimes "hate crimes." For example, they will say "there is no evidence of a racial motive" when the white victim(s) are dead. No one is alive to testify what was said.

With a living victim, as in this one, it will be called a "botched robbery," or Carter Strange was "in the wrong place at the wrong time." These two fit for any situation.

David In TN