Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Linden, NJ, Cemetery Robbery, Eyewitness News’ Kemberly Richardson Identifies the Vehicle the “Suspect” Drove, but Not the “Suspect”



The scare quotes are because we’re talking about a suspect, we’re talking about the actual robber. If a specific someone is sought by police or arrested, he is then a “suspect,” because he enjoys the presumption of innocence until he is either cleared, acquitted, or convicted. An exception to the foregoing rule is if an offender confesses to a crime, and then pleads not guilty. Black felons do this quite frequently. If someone confesses to a crime, I take his word for it.

Time was, a faire proportion of black criminals had consciences and realized that they had done wrong. Today, however, few blacks have consciences, and all but a few believe that the “white man’s laws” do not apply to them, and even use that line to rationalize murdering other blacks.

Story, courtesy of Nivius Vir, who dubbed the story, “Elderly Man Can’t Even Pray at Parents’ Grave in Peace.”

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