Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Seattle Reader Writes on, “Is Obama Bored and Contemplating Quitting, or are His Critics Bored, and Contemplating Resignation?”

[I just ran across this letter again, while going through old mail. It was good when it came in, and it’s still good.]

February 2, 2010

In response to your column, I have long felt that Obama’s true calling is to be a third world dictator. He has neither the patience for, nor apparently understanding of, the workings of a free, capitalist country. He does however have an arrogant desire for power and understands how to destroy an economy—key requirements for running a banana republic or an African hellhole. Perhaps Cuba needs a successor for Castro? Surely there are plenty of horrible little places where his talents could be used and they are quite happy to be ordered around and expect nothing of the future except more poverty.

Unfortunately, I fear his true desire isn't to transport himself to such a third world mess, but rather to transform America into one.

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