Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seattle Reader writes on, “The Georgia NAACP to Neal Boortz: We Love Raceless Carjackers!”

Re: “The Georgia NAACP to Neal Boortz: We Love Raceless Carjackers!”

Interesting that an NAACP guy has apparently assumed the raceless carjackers are black. If a white did that, of course he would be called "RACIST!"--but of course the NAACP goon knows that carjackers ARE generally black. In fact, when a friend's car in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was stolen, the police came and we mentioned a guy we had seen hanging around as a possible perp. The cop asked for a description, then immediately dismissed the guy as a suspect, saying that these kinds of crimes were done by Black males of a certain (young) age range.

However, blacks shouldn't get all the credit for crimes. There was just a case of two women being attacked [one got away, while the other was kidnapped and raped] in the Green Lake area of Seattle and the attackers were Hispanic. Increasingly sexual assaults in this area are the job of Hispanics--you see we really don't have many blacks here outside the inner city so Hispanics are simply doing the rape jobs no one else will do.

Green Lake, by the way, is a pleasant area in north Seattle where many singles live. The lake has a paved walk around the entire circumference and it is a popular path for walkers, joggers, and roller skaters. Canoes and paddle boats can be rented and a number of restaurants are nearby. If you want to see attractive young women, Green
Lake and the University District are the places to look--as these rapists probably knew.

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