Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Update: North Dallas Shooting Murder, Three-Hour Standoff was a Black-on-Hispanic Attack

By Nicholas Stix

[Previously: “More Murder, Mayhem, and ... Mexicans in Dallas.”]

The suspects charged in the Sunday morning murder of 28-year-old Jose Reyes Bosques are 19-year-old Terrence Jamal Smith and 24-year-old Roderick Morrison. That changes everything. Since Reyes was in the car with his girlfriend, this may have been an attempted carjacking-kidnapping-rape(-murder?) that Reyes gave his life foiling. After all, the killers reportedly ordered Reyes out of the car, but not his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the female companion who was reportedly taken into custody with the two suspects has disappeared from the story. Was she a moll who got a free pass? If she was someone living in the building whom the suspects grabbed as a hostage, there should have been an additional kidnapping charge.

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