Sunday, May 22, 2022

You Want Credentials, or Do You Want the Truth?!

Heather Mac Donald has degrees from Yale, Cambridge, and Stanford, and yet her career and reputation are based on years of lying on behalf of the New York City Police Department, in support of its fakestats strategy. Mac Donald has lied so much that her credibility is shot.

Charles Murray has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard, and a Ph.D. from MIT, and yet he not only confessed, but bragged about having lied in The Bell Curve about the percentage to which IQ is genetically heritable.

Richard Herrnstein either lied in The Bell Curve, or Charles Murray lied for him (Herrnstein was dying, at the time, of the Big C).

Herrnstein and James Q. Wilson both lied in Crime and Human Nature, in asserting that the black crime rate shot up during the 1960s and ‘70s, in response to “racism.”

I’m not saying to disregard everything Murray, or Herrnstein, or Wilson ever wrote. Some of their work is precious to me.

But you know that Latin saying, Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus; “false in one thing, false in everything”?

It won’t work, because it would preclude believing any research by anyone with the “proper credentials.”

When I approach famous researchers, I see two types: part-time liars, and the full-time kind. I have to separate the one from the other, and then separate the wheat from the chaff in the cases of part-time liars.

Why would a world-class scholar tell stupid, obvious lies? I can only speculate that these mooks think of themselves as comprising some sort of aristocratic inner circle, such that they are privileged to tell the occasional whopper, and that their aristocratic status somehow redeems their lies.

Well, I’m a high school dropout with a GED, and I’ll meet their Harvard Ph.D.s with my New York State GED and a lifetime as an auto-didact anytime. Plus, I’ll raise them with Nana. My Hungarian-born Nana, Mrs. Fanny Frank Simpkins (1893-1976), risked her job, as deputy registrar of the City of Long Beach, N.Y., blowing the whistle on her crooked boss, who was stealing from the taxpayers. Nana also stood up to the thugs in our neighborhood, when it started going downhill.

Whatever bit of strength and courage I have, I derived from Nana.

I’m a world-class “Hobart engineer” (restaurant dishwasher); I’m also a world-class researcher, and the last New York intellectual. And I’m from the Asphalt League, which used to set the standard for learning in this country.

Yet somehow, in spite of lacking any pedigree, connections, or money, I’ve managed to get hundreds of articles, reports, and reviews, including many a scoop, published by legendary editors.

Please send money, so that I may continue my work.

There are at least two methods for financially supporting me.

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I thank you, and your posterity will, too.


Nicholas Stix

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Bradley Morris said...

You're a high school dropout with a GED? So am I Stix. Like you, I'll match my intellectual cred.against any university "education".