Monday, May 30, 2022

Best Memorial Day Wishes: Lest We Forget

"Audie Murphy, War Hero," by Dyle Warren

By N.S.

Keep in mind what both racial socialists and republicans alike seek to bury:

Only men have fought our wars.

Ninety percent of the men who died fighting our wars have been White. In other words, we could have won all of those wars without any non-Whites fighting for us.

tcm’s Ben Mankiewicz: “… our salute to the men and women who fought for their country.”

What women?

Ben Mankiewicz: “What made Murphy’s choice [to star in John Huston’s The Red Badge of Courage, 1951] interesting was that Audie Murphy was one of the most decorated American soldiers in the Second World War.”

Audie Murphy wasn’t “one of the most decorated American soldiers in the Second World War,” he was the most decorated American fighting man in The War, which includes soldiers, sailors, and marines (airmen still counted as soldiers or sailors until 1947), for which he paid a huge price the rest of his life.

Did tcm just broadcast The Red Badge of Courage, in order to diminish and insult Murphy’s memory?


Anonymous said...

Here is an excerpt of an essay by someone I've faintly heard of--John Kass:

"Our war dead didn’t risk or lose their lives to be praised and petted with flowery words.

They knew they were led to slaughter by fine words from the double-tongues about great honor and great sacrifice. But they also knew this:

They had a job to do, protecting our liberty and our nation with their bodies and blood.

I suppose they hoped,as Americans, that we would live up to our half of the bargain and not dishonor the freedom they’d given to us, that was bought with their lives."

GRA:And of course,we haven't.I've written plenty on this subject,so I won't do so again--but we--meaning the government,mostly--haven't lived up to anything --except the push for black and Mex takeover and the destruction of law(unless it suits their agenda.)Whites have not lived up to the bargain,by our failure to fight back AGAINST the forces who detest us.

Happy Memorial Day.


Anonymous said...

Little known fact to me(probably not to N.S. and others)Audie Murphy wrote a few country songs,including:"When the Wind Blows in Chicago"(Roy Clark,#37 in 1965)and his last song in 1970,"Was It All Worth Losing You" which Charlie Pride recorded.I liked them.