Monday, May 23, 2022

75% of black respondents to a hill poll lied

75 percent of Black Americans fear physical attack based on their race: poll

N.S.: Classic push-poll of lying, racist respondents.

Result, if the “respondents” had responded honestly: 0%.

The only alternative explanation is that 75% of black respondents are utterly insane.

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
They need to word the poll questions a little better. It shouldn't be if they are afraid because of their race, but are they afraid based on the race of their attacker:

Better questions would be these:

1). What percent are you afraid of being attacked by Whites?

2). What percent are you afraid of being attacked by other blacks?

The honest answer to #1 would be 0%, or at the worst maybe .01%

The honest answer to #2 would be 99.9%.

Nebulous questions allow them to conflate common black on black violence with rare White on black violence.

Anonymous said...

That's 25% less than those blacks who lie on a regular basis."The Hill" claiming,25% of blacks tell the truth ANYTIME--is a lie in itself.

"The Hill" must be black.


Anonymous said...

"The only alternative explanation is that 75% of black respondents are utterly insane."

Kinda like when blacks vote 99 % Democratic and the other half vote in error.