Thursday, May 26, 2022

mattel creates first-ever sexual psychopath barbie doll

By R.C.
Thu, May 26, 2022 10:50 p.m.

mattel creates first-ever transgender barbie doll

Rule Number 1 in marketing, journalism, advertising and PR:

Who is your target market?

So, who put mattel up to this? Who is going to buy this crap?

Ditto other Fortune 500 companies?

“There is an agenda.” – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

“Revolutions destroy the older order.” – Dr. Leo Alvarez

Who is behind this new cultural revolution?


Anonymous said...


I believe it was my local ABC station that aired a report on drownings in America.This is absolutely word for word:

"Every day,11 people drown in the United States--with blacks suffering the disparity--of having most of the drownings happen to them."

Oy vei,more disparity.

The media obviously wants(and openly roots for)more Whites to die than blacks in ANY circumstance,be it Covid,shootings,accidents,tornados--you name it--sick bastards.

Anonymous said...

Even Barbie. Even here! Nothing is sacred. It is all one big sick joke to the sexual deviants.

Anonymous said...

Weren't they always that way--with no genitalia?