Sunday, May 22, 2022

"‘Someone needs to say it’: Maher accuses trans movement of ‘literally experimenting on children’"

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Subject: 'Someone needs to say it': Maher accuses trans movement of 'literally experimenting on children'

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'Someone needs to say it': Maher accuses trans movement of 'literally experimenting on children'

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'Grift is over': Ibram X. Kendi's movie 'Antiracist Baby' canceled by Netflix

Bipartisan bill takes aim at Google's ad business amid accusations of questionable practices

Missouri bill would prevent 'Zuckbucks' from flooding local election offices

Garland finally condemns threats against supreme court justices amid Roe leak


Anonymous said...


GRA:Margaret Brennan set up a classic reply by Jeffries,by asking if Biden was "too slow" in reacting to various problems in our country.

Jeffries responded by saying,"President Biden has done a very good job--under the circumstances...with Covid fatigue,inflation,soaring gas prices,the war"(and you could add black crime,illegal immigrant crime to the list).

Not so coincidentally,all of those "circumstances" he mentioned, have occurred since Biden took office--and his lack of processing that fact(or pretending he has)wins Jeffries the vaunted "dumb black of the week" award.


Anonymous said...

Blacks dig Muslim names. Hakeem, Malik, etc. Or African names. Kwaazi for instance.