Friday, May 27, 2022

raceless, crazed "man" with AR-15 sprays graduation party with bullets - is shot dead by woman with pistol

By David in TN
Fri, May 27, 2022 7:41 p.m.

crazed man with AR15 sprays graduation party with bullets - is shot dead by woman with pistol

would-be mass shooter Dennis Butler was taken out by a woman with a pistol. (WRBL) A woman with a pistol took down a crazed man spraying bullets at a graduation party in Charleston, West Virginia. The man drove up and started firing on the party with an AR15 when the woman shot him dead. wchstv

David in TN: This story is a couple of days old. No coverage in the MSM. The article Gateway Pundit linked to was (after perusing the local news stories) apparently the only one to have a photo of the (black) perp.

war criminal Dennis Butler


Anonymous said...

As I said,I checked out the TV station video,where it took TWO minutes of the report to mention the perp's name--with a subliminal flash of his mugshot.

Not the greatest station if you want to hear facts.


eahilf said...


Durham mom, founder of Mothers of Murdered Kids, loses second son to gun violence

A man who died after police discovered him shot in his crashed car has been identified as 21-year-old Jabari Williams – the younger son of a woman who founded Mothers of Murdered Kids in the aftermath of her older son's death. ... Sherry Williams started the support group "Mothers of Murdered Kids" after her oldest son was killed in 2007. His case remains unsolved – and now she's struck twice by grief, with another son lost to gun violence. ...Jabari Williams was a graduate of Hillside High School and was a passionate and talented basketball player.

Not a rapper anyway.

eahilf said...


Fayetteville will give cash to the public in exchange for ideas to combat violent crime

Fayetteville Police Chief Gina Hawkins said ideas that are born in neighborhoods by community leaders have a good chance of making a difference.

Reliable sources say midnite basketball is not eligible -- it has already been tried.

Any other ideas? -- Fayetteville is 43% black (link) -- might be a clue there.

Anonymous said...

Graduation party. Probably a gang thang. All the guys and girls you want to "get" all in one spot at the same time. Get'z em'.