Sunday, May 22, 2022

former columbia university administrator: I was fired for not favoring and bending rules for foreign students

By A Texas Reader
Sun, May 22, 2022 12:20 a.m.

Former Columbia University Administrator Claims She Was Fired for Not Favoring and Bending Rules for Foreign Students

UT Dallas, my graduate alma mater, has so many Turd Worlders that white Americans are in a definite minority at the university.

This is crazy as the university, and the modern world, owes it existence to white American inventor Jack Kilby.

It’s because "international" students pay out-of-state tuition, and provide the veneer for marketing purposes that a university is “global” in nature.


Anonymous said...


GRA:I ask this because I went to a Meijers yesterday and found out the debit card machines at the cashier were non functional--they were only taking cash.If you want to see unsettled people walking around a store,you should have been there.The signs the store had posted on the front door were written in small print on small pieces of paper.Many--including myself--never saw the notices.I attempted to purchase one item for supper--medium shell noodles--but had to run to my car to get change.Others had baskets full of food that they couldn't pay for.

Today I went to a D&W and it took 5-10 minutes to purchase one lottery ticket by debit.While talking to the cashier,she said various restaurants and businesses were unable to process debit-credit cards--and negro EBTs.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If you shopped at Meijer on Saturday, you may have had issues if you were trying to pay with a debit, credit or electronic benefit transfer card, also known as a bridge card.

A representative at Meijer’s corporate office said all Meijer stores nationwide have had issues with card payments on Saturday.

As a result of the recent storms, several data systems have been damaged, the representative said.

The corporate representative said just before 8 p.m. Saturday that the company’s IT department was working on the issue and was hoping to have it resolved soon. Meijer did not indicate when the problem might be resolved.

The Meijer website said, “We are currently experiencing issues with payment processing — thank you for your patience as we work to quickly resolve this.”

Lowes and Starbucks in the Grand Rapids area experienced similar problems early Saturday afternoon, but systems recovered later in the evening.

A number of News 8 viewers say they’ve had trouble paying with their credit or debit card at several business around the area. Additionally, some reported seeing multiple charges appear on their bank accounts even though their card transactions were declined.

GRA:So what's happening--a big hack job from Russia or whoever?Or is it a Biden at work?


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Special programs designed just for foreign students that tuition as mentioned footed by a foreign government and for which the school gets paid well.