Wednesday, May 25, 2022

"Ashamed to be an American": Alex Berenson Goes Postal about Guns

N.S.: What Alex Berenson says about the drugging of America's children sounds legitimate. However, when he aims at "Second Amendment absolutists," and asserts that there isn't much more we can do to harden our schools, he's all wet, and sounds like the old new york timesman that he is.

Forcing school kids to go through shooting attack drills does nothing to "harden our schools," if nobody is armed to repel a shooter.

The typical American public school is a so-called gun-free zone. Calling a school a "gun-free zone" is a rhetorical exercise in sanctimonious vanity. Nothing draws out psychopaths like the words "gun-free zone."

I strongly suspect that gun-grabbers secretly rejoice at mass school shootings, because they see each such mass murder as drawing the country closer to the outlawing of civilian firearm ownership.

My suspicion is not pure imagining. Back in 2002, fake scientist Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, a tenured SUNY activist who passed herself, with the help of fake news reporters like the baltimore sun's Scott Shane (later hired by the new york times' Pinch Sulzberger, as a reward for his hoax work) as a "microbiologist," and whom I dubbed the Dr. Strangelove of the American Left, confessed that she and her comrades, who sought to render America defenseless against chemical and biological warfare attacks, had hoped for a mass casualty attack, to raise people's consciousness about their dangers.


Alex Berenson from Unreported Truths <>
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Ashamed to be an American


Anonymous said...

Is that a White American or a minority American?There's a huge difference in thought processes between the groups--and it isn't up to Whites to fix things for them.WE need not be ashamed of anything--except cowardice--in our refusal to fight back against the two groups who are conducting an offensive against us.The fact is,blacks and Mex don't WANT Whites sticking our collective noses in their so called "business".But they DO want to tell us--the founders of the country--how to act,to enable them to replace us.

Oh by the way,their problems are endemic to themselves and their ethnicity. Mex are in the drug business,violent and think nothing of incestuous relationships.blacks have no control,they lie as a reflex and kill for no reason.They hate White law and want to end the prison system--which is used primarily for the overwhelming numbers of black felons who afflict this country.

As Greg Abbott said,"the shooting here in Texas is what happens every weekend in Chicago--and they have strict gun control laws."

And one more thing--a lot of ni**ers.


Anonymous said...


GRA:He doesn't have the guts to say,that most gun violence in this country is perpetrated by the same race of the players on his team.
But he likes his job.

As said elsewhere,Chicago has so many gun laws written,that if you were to stack them up,they would tower over the tallest negro's Afro.Yet he screams ,"We need tougher gun laws."

I'll explain it to Kerr and others like him:blacks don't pay attention to laws;Mex don't pay attention to laws.MOST Whites do--at least they used to,but the direction our country is going in,is causing a few Whites to arm up and start shooting.

When those numbers reach the millions,we'll have our Civil War II.