Wednesday, May 25, 2022

My New Report on the Patrick Lyoya Hoax is Up at VDARE!

“Another White Cop Lynching Underway—But This Time Black ‘Victim’ Patrick Lyoya is a Congolese Refugee”

The latest white-cop-murders-innocent-black-man hoax is just like the rest. The white cop stopped a “black motorist,” who resisted arrest until the cop was forced to shoot. It was an “execution,” we’re told, by Michael Tomasky [Tweet him] below, and also the perp’s family, and the usual suspects, including race-hustling, Hate Hoax black lawyer Benjamin Crump, want the cop fired and prosecuted. That hasn’t happened, but don’t be surprised if and when it does. Patrick Lyoya is another George Floyd, we are to believe; Grand Rapids policeman Christopher Schurr, another Derek Chauvin. Well, he will be if prosecutors stage another show trial and punish him for doing his job!

The trouble for the 31-year-old Schurr began on April 4 when he pulled over Lyoya, a 26-year-old criminal, because the license plate did not belong to the car. A second black man was a passenger. Lyoya either didn’t have or refused to produce his driver’s license and registration, and instead tried to run. Schurr caught him; Lyoya resisted—as black thugs always do. During the struggle, he grabbed Schurr’s taser and refused to let go. When Schurr pinned him to the ground, Lyoya continued resisting arrest, despite Schurr’s repeated, lawful commands. Then…boom. Schurr had no choice.

In the usual rerun, the Democrat Party–Mainstream Media Combine trying to railroad Schurr, boost its Defund the Police movement, get out the vote for 2022’s midterms in November, and, of course, continue its longtime terror campaign against whites in general and white cops in particular….

[Read the whole thing at VDARE, and comment here, and at The Unz Review.]


Anonymous said...

Great write-up.I'm wearing rose-colored glasses on this one,thinking the Kent County prosecutor--Chris Becker--will NOT file charges--or if he does,for much less than a felony--possibly procedural,for chasing Lyoya.I don't even wish to see that.

One of your resources--the ass(ociated)press--is referred to,with the story,"blacks are fearful at traffic stops".

They SHOULD be fearful,as most of those stopped,no doubt,have warrants sitting on their heads--with the "fear" of being caught(and going to prison),the main fear--NOT being shot by White cops.I would think,the police have more fear of stopping a nig--since most blacks appear to be armed--especially the repeat criminals.

I'm amazed that Grand Rapids devolved into a nig city,which set up the possibility of a Lyoya situation occurring. Years ago,there were,MAYBE,3-5% blacks--exclusively in the Hall and Division area.Now,it's 20% spread throughout the city.

The more nigs there are,the more likely situations like this will occur.The propaganda pushed by blacks--and the ultimate goal then becomes,"All police should be black."

Can you imagine a city like that?It's what they want--meaning living under black law(no law)--as in Chicago or Baltimore(and increasingly,New York.)

That's not the America I've lived in most of my life--that's Africa--or a black majority prison--where there ARE no rules--except for Whites.

Anonymous said...

You know,I just saw the pic of the White hand and black hand battling for the taser.If that isn't a symbol of what's going on today in America--a battle by the two races over control of the manner in which law is to be upheld and enforced--I don't know what is.


Anonymous said...

"a battle by the two races over control of the manner in which law is to be upheld and enforced--"

This immigrant had a number of strikes against him already. He was going down for the traffic offenses, fighting with the cop, other stuff. But if he had just cooperated he would be alive today. I guess I and other whitey just ax'e too much.