Thursday, May 26, 2022

At VDARE, Peter Brimelow Has Published the First Follow-Up to My Initial Report on the Patrick Lyoya Hoax

By N.S.

These days, we hear all the time about “Soros prosecutors.” Although prosecutors who aid and abet colored criminals exist in abundance, some of whom have been bankrolled by George Soros’ son, Alexander, 36 (since George is now almost 92, the idea that he is still actively running his empire of evil is simply not credible), this problem is not recent, and is not simply a partisan political problem (“demoncrats”).

There is a natural human forgetfulness which causes us to forget and re-edit history in our minds. Thus, people forget the development that brought us to the present pass. I’m the reminder.

With that in mind, I’m working on a series of essays recapitulating much of the history of anti-White prosecutors and presidents of both major parties, and their media accomplices.

“Was Arrest-Resister and Taser-Grabber Patrick Lyoya Driving a Stolen Car When He was Stopped? Authorities Won’t Say”


Anonymous said...

All of your reporting is right on the bullseye.Let's hope our county prosecutor thinks as you(and I)do about the evidence and circumstances of the case.


Anonymous said...

"Won't say" means he was driving a stolen car. The stop was made because the license plate did not match the description of the car.