Wednesday, May 25, 2022

As Municipalities Tear Down Statues of Great White Americans, They Erect Ones of black criminals: Houston is Dedicating a Statue to Violent black felon George Floyd

By A Texas Reader
Wed, May 25, 2022 11:31 pm

Nearly two years after George Floyd's death sparked a national outcry, a life-size statue of the former Houston resident is being dedicated in his honor.

"Blacks are sacralized in this country." - Larry Auster.

Or something close to that.

Another affirmative action grifter.

But I repeat myself.

Anything having to do with government or municipal contracts.

You thought the Mob was bad.

Knee Grows always get their 10 percent cut.


Anonymous said...

Yes,let's get all the great blacks memorialized.I can see a statue of Samuel Little in the newly created,"Murderer's Park" in Texas somewhere.Oprah will donate money for a CP 5 statue in NYC--innocent tykes that they were.Various black panther members in Chicago should be remembered for their contribution to the destruction of both Whites and the city.The Zebra killers qualify,simply for the fact that they killed many Whites over the years--they must be honored. The Knoxville Five were sick enough,scum of the earth,negroes to warrant celebration by local idiots in Tennesse government. The Arburys and Browns--with their violent,criminal histories,deserve eternal bronze recognition. In Grand Rapids,we've already named a street for a criminal black woman--Breonna Taylor Way--now,let's work on creating a Lyoya Drive(plus a statue of him on the street,running)."Lyoya Drive" is a perfect way to remember this wayward,immigrant black,,since whenever he was driving,it was probably in a stolen vehicle.

Or let's just change Grand Rapids to Lyoyaville and be done with it.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg,of course--there are hundreds of blacks,who are of the same high caliber as those just mentioned--who deserve immortality in luminous,shiny metal.

But seriously,whoever approved of a George Floyd statue,needs to be fired--with no further delay than the proper time to allow the moron to clean out his desk.


Anonymous said...

All of them in addition to the Floyd boy. Common criminals doing bad and get into a tussle with a cop and the colored man ends up the loser.

Treyvons, Brown, Floyd, etc. Persons without any positive attributes but now esteemed in deff.

Anonymous said...

Chirrens let me tell you all about the man named Floyd.