Sunday, May 22, 2022

Metro Special Police Officer, 33, shot, killed, while on-duty in uniform

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
Sun, May 22, 2022 7:10 p.m.

33-year-old Metro Special Police Officer shot, killed while on-duty in uniform: DC police

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Will this be the lawsuit that kicks off a wave of reverse discrimination lawsuits?
Comedian Tyler Fischer claims he has a recording of a talent agent directly telling him they decided not to hire him because he's White. Of course, anybody the slightest bit observant has noted blacks now having an unfairly high representation in the entertainment industry, which means of course, that Whites are being discriminated against. I'm just waiting for White actors to sue for not getting acting roles or lucrative commercial jobs, or White game show contestants filing lawsuits for not getting a chance to compete because they don't have the right complexion. The blatant discrimination of 13% of the population being 1/3 to 1/2 of contestants on so many game shows (or actors on TV commercials) simply cannot continue to be ignored forever....can it?

Anonymous said...

If you really need my money, as a disabled cracker who “our” government says isn’t “as disabled” as an average obese negro sow (despite several thousand pages of medical records), you need to PROVE to me that the money I use to feed my family and pay the mortgage is better spent on YOU.


Fuck ALL you grifters.

NOT ONE of you has EVER helped ME in the remotest and slightest detail.

Grifting cunts.

Where were you when a honkie had cancer and couldn’t buy food for his pregnant wife? You sure as fuck weren’t here were you?

Fuck off.

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Unless you are living under a rock I'm sure you've heard the news of Naomi Judd's suicide. Not that I'm a fan, I'm not, I only have a passing familiarity with her and her daughter's music though I will say, when I did their singing always had a nice earthy authentic sound to it. From what I've read, Naomi spent her life struggling with depression and her suicide by a self inflicted gunshot wound was not a surprising outcome to her family. It seems strange, she was talented, beautiful and blessed to have achieved such success in a business where it's near impossible to get to the top, even if you have talent, which she obviously did.

That being said, I'm actually more interested in commenting about the other sister, actress Ashley Judd. I'd heard some things about her "activism" and she appears to check off on all the Woke boxes by being anti Trump and pro Democratic agenda liberal, but I remember when she broke her leg in Africa and when I read more about it, I had to give her a little cred.

Pretty harrowing story and she actually did put herself in danger, as opposed to the more typical Hollywood armchair activists who wouldn't do a damn thing that would take them out of their physical comfort zone. She was hiking very rough terrain to visit a Bonobo monkey sanctuary to try to bring attention to their endangered status and very painfully shattered her leg, then had to go to a hospital where young girls in mass numbers were being given genital reconstruction surgery after being raped. This triggered a concern about the mass sexual violence being practiced on girls in Africa, which is a verboten issue with White liberals who would love nothing more than to ship millions of those black raping savages who are committing the brutal sexual violence right here to the US. For that reason, I doubt she'll win any popularity awards with her Hollywood brethren, they'll make some token sound so of approval but then turn away and ignore her as much as possible.

Ms. Judd claims to have been sexually assaulted 3 times in her life, one time resulting in pregnancy. With the broad definitions nowadays of "sexual assault", I always have doubts about those kind of claims but she did seem to have some severe family disfunction to deal with while growing up.

Condolences to her and her sister Wynona and who knows, unlike the typical posing Hollywood phony, her willingness to look at some real problems might actually make a difference.