Saturday, May 28, 2022

Texas lawmen can’t keep their lies straight, regarding the Uvalde Massacre; they’ve changed their story 12 times so far!

By N.S.


Anonymous said...

Uvalde has a demographic of(on average) 80% Mexican and 14% White.This city,for all intents and purposes--IS MEX TERRITORY.The Uvalde police department has 6 officers employed(the breakdown of Mex to White I haven't seen.)If this had occurred in Agua Prieto(a Mex city),the would not be obsessed with this story,so my take is this:it is not a(White) American problem,but is part of the collateral damage of the Mex takeover of U.S. land.The overwhelming Mex population in the city and its proximity to the Mex border makes this only TECHNICALLY a U.S. problem.

The motive of Salvadore Ramos is unclear,but the summary of the event is as follows: a Mex decided to shoot his own people.

There's no other analysis needed.The msm fixation on peripheral matters such as reaction time,gun laws etc.are not important to ME,because as I said,this might as well have occurred IN MEXICO(the boundary lines just haven't been adjusted yet.)


Anonymous said...

Just imagine that you are one of this squad of 19 'police officers' assembled right outside the door to the classroom where unimaginable slaughter has been - and continues to be - taking place.
They must have heard the endless shots, the horrific screams of children not old enough to imagine - in their worst nightmares - that their lives are being snuffed-out before their eyes, one by one.
Just imagine that you are one of these 'cops', and you know, that with each SECOND that you just stand their DOING FCK'G NOTHING, that CHILDREN who have been shot are bleeding to death - with more about to meet the same fate.
They KNOW their RESPONSIBILITY - taken under OATH - is to IMMEDIATELY shoot this POS to PIECES - to NEUTRALIZE the DANGER - and still they DO NOTHING.
Instead, they CHOOSE to 'defer to the judgement' of some 'officer in charge', who instructs them to stand down, while waiting for a 'more properly armed' SWAT team to arrive and 'take charge' of the situation? They waited an additional 45+ mins for this team to arrive?
How the f*ck ANYONE can live with themselves, knowing that they DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTED to this slaughter of INNOCENTS, is INCOMPREHENSIBLE.
This failure to ACT represents a level of CRIMINAL CULPABILITY that CANNOT GO UNANSWERED or UNPUNISHED.

Anonymous said...

As if on cue,"Face the(Commie)Nation" set out from minute one to find out,"who's responsible for the deaths of the (90% Mex) school kids ?"The police,Republican politicians,gun laws,White people?

Answer:The Mex shooter,Ramos.

The media wants to find a scapegoat policeman(hopefully,White)to point to,in hopes of papering over the reasons for the increase in violence in our country.Here's a hint:it isn't the cop's fault.

Since the increase in the population of Mex and blacks in the USA,we have witnessed a corresponding rise in lawlessness,drug addiction and continuous destruction of America.

I'll repeat again--Uvalde is--for all intents and purposes--a Mex town.Eighty percent Mex,14% White.As in an inner city ghetto,any White that sticks around that type of area,is asking for a shorter life span.I had a Mex neighbor(a lifelong criminal) who wanted to kill me,I'm sure of that,because I complained about noise,drug usage and garbage piling up--but I got him evicted--afterwhich,he slashed my tires(instead of me).When that family of 7 moved,my lifespan increased.

The Mexicans have annexed many towns in Texas similar to Uvelde--it isn't part of the United States anymore--except legally.This is on them--not US.