Friday, May 27, 2022

"professional booster" arrested again after getting caught stealing from same UES store for 10th time (No, not that thief; this thief!) she now has racked up 108 arrests, but they're all free crimes

By N.S.

"'professional booster' arrested again after stealing from same UES store for 10th time: NYPD"

[N.S.: That's a false headline: Michelle Mckelly may have shoplifted thousanbds of tuimes from the store in question. This was merely the tenth time store stafers had her arrested.] Serial shoplifter Michelle Mckelley was arrested for allegedly robbing the same Manhattan Rite Aid 10 times since April 21.

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Anonymous said...

Another nig with an Irish moniker(Michelle McKelley).Easier to spell than today's black names(maybe).

("Why do I have to use a small "c" in McKelley?)

Why is her name McKelley?