Sunday, May 22, 2022

Usual Nazi Hate Hoax, with the Usual Perp--a Jewish Woman; but at Least, She Learned How to Draw a Proper, Nazi Swastika!

By R.C.
Sun, May 22, 2022 7:17 p.m.

Maybe the Azov battalion will hire her?

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Anonymous said...

“Instead of condemning the anti-semites, did it ever occur to you maybe we are doing many wrong things and we need to change????? Did it ever occur to you maybe the anti-semites have a point? A good one?” Hakakian wrote.

Contacted by The News over Facebook about the case, Hakakian continued to blame Jewish people.

“If jews including my own family would be open to criticism and change, extreme cases wouldnt happen against them,” Hakakian wrote.

GRA:What a woman--right eahilf?Now if she looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt instead of(probably)Golda Meir,she could be everyone's fantasy,lol.

--G R A

Anonymous said...

This Joo-ish will claim innocence as a result of stress from being the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors.

Anonymous said...

Hakakian sounds more Armenian than Joo-ish.

Anonymous said...

These Azov neo-Nazi their fate to be grim. Russians going to exact harsh revenge.

Anonymous said...

I have often wondered if groups such as the ADL of SPLC has a cadre of hate on the streets that do this stuff to create an image agreeing with their agenda and their narrative. This O'Keefe needs to get someone on the inside of the groups and expose all.