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Charles Murray – The Bell Curve Revisited: “We Pulled a Lot of Punches in That Book” (Video)


A recent shot of Charles Murray

Murray's co-author, Richard Herrnstein, and James Q. Wilson, may they rest in peace (I couldn't find any decent shots just of Herrnstein, or of Herrnstein and Murray)

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A tip ‘o the hate to Charles Murray.

Murray: An hour or so of how I look at The Bell Curve 20 years later. A lot of back story, in case you're curious.

Stix to Murray: Journalist Last Heard Expressing Curiosity About Bell Curve in Newsroom Found Choked to Death; Colleagues Made Him Eat His Words


Published on May 29, 2014

Charles Murray, on "The Bell Curve Revisited." Charles Murray is a Fellow at the American Enterprise Association, and the author of famous and influential books, among them, Losing Ground (1984), The Bell Curve; Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (1994, with Richard Herrnstein), and most recently, Coming Apart: the State of White America,1960-2010 (2013). He declares himself a libertarian, has written for many journals, and has received the Irving Kristol award from AEI and the Bradley Prize from the Bradley Foundation. He is Harvard '65 and received a PhD in political science from M. I. T. in 1974. He is also the author of several "Murray's laws" of social behavior.

Presented by The Program on Constitutional Government at Harvard on March 14, 2014.

Upload by PCG at Harvard.


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Anonymous said...

"Pulled the punches" is done all the time.

Across the board in American when ever a controversial subject is discussed.

Especially that subject about race.