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UN Nazis at UNRWA are Shocked, Shocked, Each Time They Find Hamas’ Rockets in Its Weapons Depots, er, Schools, Hand Them Back to Hamas, and Try to Cover Things Up!


Hamas weapons depot, doubling as a UNWRA school

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Josh Korn Each time, UNRWA claims that this has never happened before.

Who would have thought? Rocket storage virginity. Infinitely replaceable.

Pol Belik three times in a row`? and everytime the unrwa tells the people they dont even know about it? dont tell us bullshit. if an organisation fraternise with the enemy, than israel has the right to treat them like an enemy and when the unrwa really dont know about it, than they are useless and should leave the region.

• Jonathan Hislop
Any United Nations schools there that don't have any rockets?!?
Josh Korn
We can send in the 'local authorities' to check.
Ernie Schwarcz
Not a hell of a lot. Only the schools of thought.
Gilbert Weinstein Here's a complete list of UNRWA schools that don't store rockets: .
Ruth Gretzinger
actually guys, it's all ok. Hillary Clinton was interviewed (this morning I think) and she explained that the reason Hamas stored rockets in schools and mosques and other such places is that Gaza is small, and very densely populated. just a question of a space crunch.

and this woman might be our next president? I want to throw up.

Benjamin Nachbar-Krieg • Top Commenter • University of Florida
"Well where do you suggest we store our extra munitions?! We tried the mosques, but it wouldn't all fit, and the basements of the hospitals are already in use as command centers. This is difficult stuff! There are only so many places where we can can store this that are close to both children and camera-ready Hamas crew!

Why don't you Israelis try setting up an effective human-shield regime that can get a camera on-site in 20 seconds or less? Once you see how hard it is to set up the deaths of the remaining children we haven't killed over the years making tunnels, maybe you'll stop all the armchair criticism!"

Rockets found in UNRWA school, for third time
UN agency spokesperson condemns discovery, says munitions expert hasn’t yet reached Gaza facility
By Ilan Ben Zion
July 30, 2014, 1:28 a.m.
Times of Israel

A UN aid agency for Palestinian refugees said Tuesday that a stockpile of Hamas rockets was found in one of UNRWA’s Gaza schools — for the third time since the onset of Operation Protective Edge.

The incident, however, was not publicized by UNRWA on its website or official Twitter feed, or that of its spokesperson.

In its press release, UNRWA’s spokesperson said that the discovery was made during a routine inspection of the school, “which was closed for the summer and not being used as a shelter.”

“All the relevant parties have been notified,” UNRWA said, without elaborating which parties. Hamas, the terror group that controls the Gaza Strip, has launched over 2,000 of rockets at Israel in the past month.

“We condemn the group or groups who endangered civilians by placing these munitions in our school,” said UNRWA Spokesperson, Chris Gunness. “This is yet another flagrant violation of the neutrality of our premises. We call on all the warring parties to respect the inviolability of UN property.”

Despite announcing the discovery, UNRWA could not send a UN munitions expert to disarm and remove the weapons “because of fighting in the vicinity,” it said in a statement. “But we hope to do as soon as the security conditions allow.”

It was not clear from the statement where the school was, how many rockets Hamas or one of the other Palestinian terror groups stored at the UN facility, or where the weapons are now.

Tuesday’s incident was the third instance in which Palestinian armaments were found in UN facilities in the Gaza Strip. On July 22, the UN agency found rockets stockpiled in another school which “is situated between two other UNRWA schools that currently each accommodate 1,500 internally displaced persons.”

A week before that, UNRWA found some 20 rockets in a school under its auspices, also during a standard inspection. A spokesperson for UNRWA said the organization gave the rockets to “local authorities,” which answer to the Hamas-backed unity government led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. “According to longstanding UN practice in UN humanitarian operations worldwide, incidents involving unexploded ordnance that could endanger beneficiaries and staff are referred to the local authorities,” Gunness told The Times of Israel.

In Jerusalem, officials charged that the weaponry was returned to Hamas. “The rockets were passed on to the government authorities in Gaza, which is Hamas. In other words, UNRWA handed to Hamas rockets that could well be shot at Israel,” a senior Israeli official told The Times of Israel.

Raphael Ahren contributed to this report.

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