Monday, July 28, 2014

FSU Professor Dan Markel was Talking on Cell Phone When His Killer Shot Him—but Does This Clarify or Confuse Matters? (ABC)

By David in TN

Now they say he was talking on his cell phone while entering the garage. It might have been "random" after all. They suspect the ex-wife from the "acrimonious" divorce.


Kyra said...

Watching too much "Forensic Files," I suspected her first.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new as of Tuesday morning, July 29. The first reports had Dan Markel opening his front door and being shot by someone he knew.

The authorities hastily told the public the victim was "the intended target" and the crime was "not random." The impression give was the ex-wife would be arrested in a few days.

Now we are told Markel was pulling into his driveway and talking on his cell phone before being shot. He allegedly said over the phone someone was nearby.

The two scenarios are contradictory. Why?

The first story was intended to reassure Markel's neighbors there was nothing to worry about. The second would seem to do no such thing.

David In TN