Monday, July 21, 2014

Dan Markel Murder Update: Tallahassee PD: Killing was Not a Robbery, but a Premeditated Murder by Someone Who Knew Him; TPD Tip Line: 850-891-4462

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Some genius is going to point out that the TPD spokesman, Officer David Northway, didn’t say “premeditated murder,” or even “murder,” but “homicide.”

The term “homicide” is next to meaningless in this context. All it means is that one person killed another. Homicide is not necessarily a crime. People perpetually confound “homicide” with murder, and with good reason. The authorities speak of “homicide,” and the men assigned to solve them are called “homicide detectives,” not murder detectives. Logically, a policeman must investigate all homicides, nay, all deaths, to determine which ones are homicides and, within that class, which homicides are murders.

If you lawfully (obeying all traffic statutes and regulations) driving a vehicle, and a child suddenly darts into your path, you are unable to avoid hitting the child, and he dies as a result of your hitting him, that’s homicide, but it’s not a crime. It’s an accidental death. If, however, you were driving while intoxicated, or while speeding, running a red light or stop sign, and/or while distracted while texting or talking on a cellphone, it’s also homicide, but it’s a crime, e.g., vehicular manslaughter.

All that the term “homicide” means is that Dan Markel did not commit suicide or accidentally shoot himself to death. However, TPD spokesman Officer Northway also said that Markel was not killed in the course of a robbery or burglary, that the killing was “not random” (a code phrase for your standard, racially motivated, black-on-white murder), and that he was “the target.” “Homicide” + personally targeted = that he was victim of a planned murder, i.e., premeditated murder by someone who knew him. That would likely mean that Markel’s killer knocked on his door or rang his bell, Markel saw the person, and opened the door for him. Bang!

(TPD Chief Michael DeLeo later clarified matters, by calling the incident a “murder,” and saying that Dan Markel was “the intended victim.”)

Although the TPD has denied having a suspect, it almost certainly does have one, but doesn’t want to alert him, for understandable fear he will then flee justice.

In your typical “random” murder, a black shoots and kills a white (or Arab or Asian), and flees without taking anything. After the fact, the police and MSM invent a scenario, where the murder was a “robbery gone wrong.” However, there is no evidence of the black killer having attempted to rob his white (or Arab or Asian) victim. The just-so story of a “robbery gone wrong” is used, as a diversion tactic, with which to fool the white public. (The black public knows better.)

Considering that for the previous 3-4 weeks, Markel’s neighborhood had been deluged with black, Trayvon Martin-style criminals, the first hunch that would come to a rational investigator’s mind would be a black-on-white (“random”) murder.

That the TPD denies that the murder was of such character is due to its detectives and bosses having formulated an alternative theory. We will have to wait and see what that theory is, and on what it is based.

TPD says Dan Markel shooting appears to be a homicide


Anonymous said...

Let's see now, Dan Markel's murder was not a "random act" and he was the "intended target."

Does this mean victims of black on white murders are not the "intended target?" If these murders are never intended, why do they happen so often? Inquiring minds want to know.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Although I do see how there could be witnesses (even perhaps Dan Markel himself; he was on the phone when he saw "someone" in his drive way or garage) perhaps the "information" known is not being shared. Possibly even for SAFTEY reasons if they feel the suspect could or might be close by. *Given what is known NOW about the area and problems they were experiencing - good call possibly by the authorities to protect THOSE witnesses. If they do in fact even exist.

But, here's the problem you've ASSUMED the suspect(s) were BLACK not to mention MALE (if I remember correctly). How can law enforcement; thus, the MEDIA report (as you seem to think they should) about BLACK on WHITE crime? Allegedly, it's not known if THIS is a random BLACK on WHITE crime or even a planned & calculated BLACK on WHITE crime.

However, likewise the police are telling people "not to worry" it was not random. It was a "targeted" homicide? Okay, IF THEY REALLY KNOW THIS MUCH then doesn't that suggest a MOTIVE or at the very least OTHER EVIDENCE differentiate this from the other recent crimes??!! They KNEW there were recent burglaries AND break ins. (They are aware of OTHER BURGLARIES, BREAK INS AND INVASIONS IN OTHER HOMES THAT RESULTED IN "HOMICIDES"; yes that's plural. THAT WERE VERY SIMILAR TO THE DAN MARKEL HOMICIDE & were also NEVER solved. So, there's that information as well.)

Thus, HOW does the police KNOW to tell the neighbors NOT TO WORRY??!! They don't have a suspect much less a MOTIVE.

And, how do you presume there were any black people involved? Unknown.

Honestly, until there is a CLEAR MOTIVE (they admitted the ex-wife is not a suspect or even a person of interest; above the normal standard ruling out process) then WHY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH would they ENDANGER the public by stating "it was not random he was targeted".

Honestly, until we KNOW WHY HE may have been or was a "TARGET" does that make anyone else automatically HIS neighborhood or elsewhere??!!

For all anyone knows DAN could have become a "target" for being a witness (or informant) about the recent crimes in his neighborhood ...trying to keep his kids, self, and neighbors safe.

Thus, ...couldn't another person become a "target" for doing the exact same thing? (Or, possibly have already been a target ...perhaps.) But, "understandable" why the police wouldn't want to admit that. Then no one would be willing to be a witness (or call police) about other crimes the future (or past)!!!! BUT, common sense would suggest that they would NEVER do that ...potentially endanger other victims of crimes and or witnesses to those crimes keeping such information out of the public media. OR, ...WOULD THEY??!! Million Dollar Question.

Also, it should be noted that other residents in the surrounding area have also encountered Facebook Trolls spewing the SAME hate as Dan received ...even the exact same quote ...."People like you should be exterminated ALL/ANY means necessary". And, yes by people from Atlanta (by looking at their profiles when they comment). AND, these victims were ALSO experiencing MULTIPLE break ins, attempted break ins, etc. during this time period in Dan's own town.

This is probably nothing more than "chatter" ...a phrase being coined by people in Atlanta ...even people who may or may not have anything to do with LAW; by some posters' comments on certain topics (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown etc.) it is very doubtful they have any LEGAL experience or knowledge; only THINK they do. They suspect the chatter ...the message ... to be from Black Atlanta Lawyers. **It very well could be. Prominent black civil rights attorneys in Tallahassee, Florida have ties to Atlanta ...Black Lawyers in Atlanta. But, this theory is a long shot.