Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dozens Mourn Boy, 8, Shot in Bed: “It's Not OK for Children to Die”

By Nicholas Stix

The reader who sent this writes,
Another tragic loss of “potential.” We’ll never find a cure for cancer or the common cold if these Congoids keep killing off each other.

NS: Yeah, but it’s all the white Devils’ fault!

The explanation for this sort of violence used to be “the crack wars” or “the crack epidemic.” Then we were told that young blacks had seen the folly of their older brothers' way of doing business, and recoiled from such conduct. Maybe not, huh? Maybe it was just being covered up well for a time, due to LEO-MSM collusion, but there's just too much to cover up anymore. And yet, it's surely much worse than we're hearing, though lefties will doubtless claim that the violence is being exaggerated.
At the Detroit Free Press.

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Anonymous said...

And one those little children illegally crossing the border too. Maybe he/she will come up with a cure for cancer.

You can never tell.